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DIDYMOS Baby Carrier Comparison

It all started with a simple idea, Erika Hoffmann tied a cloth which friends had brought her from South America around her body, tied a knot, placed one of the twins in the sling and crossed the fabric at the shoulder. This was 1971.

A lot has happened since then, carrying babies has finally taken its place in society. The constant evolution of tying methods and the development of longer baby wrap slings and of our sizing system with sizes 1-8 ( and plus sizes) which are accepted standard today have made a decisive contribution.

But that was not all, apart from baby wrap slings there is a wide selection of carriers. We have put together a chart with an overview of the possibilities.

Is there something missing? Do you have a question on babywearing or on the different possibilities? Call or write to us.
From Up to Front Carrying Position Back Carrying Position Hip Carrying Position Adjustable Seat Width Adjustable Back Width Integrated Headrest Closure System Further Information
DIDYMOS Baby Wrap Sling Birth End of carrying period
Numerous tying methods

Numerous tying methods

Numerous tying methods
Knots Link
DIDYMOS Jersey Baby Wrap Sling Birth 12 kg Wrap Cross Carry
Reinforced Hip Carry
Knots Link
DidySling Birth End of carrying period Rings Link
Didy Meh-Dai (DidyTai) Birth 20 kg Knots Link
DidyKlick Birth 20 kg Buckle Link
Didy Onbuhimo 7kg,
for children who can sit unassisted
20 kg Not intended
but possible
Chestbelt Link