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Didymos Baby Wrap Sling

The most versatile baby carrier

For more than 45 years, parents have trusted in DIDYMOS Baby Wraps. The idea of carrying a child with a wraparound sling was born out of necessity and has now become a part of everyday life for many parents.

Best grades for quality

ÖKO-TEST "Very good"

Since ÖKO-TEST was first published, DIDYMOS baby wraps have always been rated ‘very good’ (the highest rating) whenever baby carriers and wraps are tested.

The original since 1972

A woven wrap with tradition

The story of the DIDYMOS – baby sling started in 1971 with our twins Lisa and Tina (twin = ancient Greek didymos).


DIDYMOS Baby Wrap Slings - Tradition since 1972

And you? Were YOU carried in a DIDYMOS Baby Wrap Sling? 1970 In 1971 Erika Hoffmann had an idea born out of private necessecity…. 1980 In the beginning there were only two sizes and tying methods but things changed quickly. 1990 Finally, in the 1990s, babywearing made its way into society, after 20 years of pioneering work. 2000 Fathers take paternity leave and carry their children, not yet a matter of course, but it is a beginning. 2010 Today we have the second, even the third generation of babywearers. And at DIDYMOS a transition to the next generation has taken place, as well.


Alle DIDYMOS-Tragetücher

Neuigkeiten bei DIDYMOS

26.07.2016 DIDYMOS Baby Wrap Sling and DidySling IMA

DIDYMOS Baby Wrap Sling IMA

Tatje drew this lovely pattern with simple lines and lots of details. She sent it to us as part of our design contest. And we liked it so much, that we just wanted to weave it.

IMA means Mama/Mummy/Mum and since mothers sometimes bear a lot this DIDYMOS wrap is extra thick and still soft. Made of organic cotton with a weight of 270 g/m², toddlerworthy in all means!

Available as DidySling and Doll Sling as well.

Weitere News von DIDYMOS

Sie möchten wissen, welche Tuchgröße die richtige für Sie ist?


Zum DIDYMOS-Größenberater

Experts' opinions

"I am of the opinion that these baby slings are an ideal method of transport which cannot be replaced by any other carrying device during the first 4 to 5 months. They are available locally under the name DIDYMOS. They also meet every requirement concerning the necessary intensive contact between the child and its parents."
Dr. med. Wolfgang Uplegger, paediatrician

"Without any doubt these DIDYMOS-carry cloths are preferable to all other carry-slings and carry-bags currently on the market, because only they provide optimal body contact with the child. One can tie these cloths in many different ways so that they provide the greatest comfort for the child"
Prof. Dr. med. H. Czermak, paediatrician

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There are many good reasons to carry a baby

Remo Largo: "Non-specific crying during the first few months of life can make parents insecure for a long time. Because they cannot find any reason for the crying [...], they assume naturally that they are doing something wrong while caring or dealing with their children. "

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Impressionen - Bildergalerie und Videos

Mütter und Väter aus aller Welt lassen uns durch Fotos und Videos an ihren schönsten Tragetuch-Geschichten teilhaben.

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Einen ganz herzlichen Dank an unsere Kundinnen und Kunden für die schönen Bilder und lieben Briefe, die wir regelmäßig bekommen. Möchten Sie uns auch etwas erzählen? Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Nachricht.
Gestern am späten Nachmittag habe ich mein lange gewünschtes Indio Sole-Occidente bestellt. Heute Vormittag kam es schon an. Es ist wirklich wunderschön und wird jetzt gleich von meiner Kleinen beim Spazieren eingekuschelt. Ich liebe eure Tücher und habe auch schon das ein oder andere.“ Steffi am 23.12.2015
„Loved the service I got with Didymos! In USA-Alaska so basically on the other side of the world and I was surprised at how quick and pain free shipping was. My wrap is gorgeous and super soft right out of the box! I will definitely stick with Didymos in the future!“ Angela, 9.6. 2014
“Vor 28 Jahren habe ich ein Tuch gekauft - Modell Lisa - und meine beiden Kinder darin getragen. Heute stöbere ich für meine schwangere Tochter wieder hier. Sie will unbedingt ein Tragetuch, in dem sie ihr Baby tragen möchte. Woher das wohl kommt??“ Birgit Theisen, 23.6.2014

Baby Carrying in Summer

Of course, you don’t need a special wrap just for the summer. However, if your child is due to be born in spring, there are a few things to bear in mind when choosing a wrap.
DIDYMOS wraps are of varying thicknesses.
Our most lightweight wraps have weights of up to 200 g/m². These are made of airy Jacquard fabric, for example the ‘Waves’ pattern. Amongst the striped wraps, the „Standard Sky“ and the „Standard Rasperry“ models are particularly lightweight.


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DIDYMOS Online Shop

Didymos – that´ s a Greek word and means twins.  But how are twins connected to the Didymos Online Shop? In fact, it was the birth of twins that marked the starting point of our Didymos products – e. g. the Didymos Baby Wrap Sling, the DidySling and the baby carrier DidyTai. Erika Hoffmann, founder of Didymos, was expecting twins. As most of you might know, it is not easy to carry a baby and in the meantime doing the shopping or buying a ticket for public transport; but having twins increases the demands on parents carrying their babys to a veritable challenge. Could there be any remedy? The solution has already been given. In other parts of the world, by different cultures: The baby wrap. Latin-American as well as Asian mothers have used the Baby Wrap as the common way to carry their babies. Baby Wraps, as the most intimate and deepest way of having your child around, create nearness and and a deep feeling of security. After the first attempts another child was born: The Didymos baby wrap sling. In the beginning Ms. Hoffmann and her twins were outstanding exotics, being smiled at. Nowadays, the Wraparound Sling  has become a common part in the lives of young parents. Furthermore, it has gone through a remarkable development. Today we do not only offer the classic Didymos Baby Wrap, but the DidySling – a Baby Sling with rings, easy to use – and the DidyTai. Any of the three differs in use and does have specific advantages. But one thing they all have in common: You can carry your baby  close and intimately, they keep your hands free and they all support your babys’  anatomy. In addition to the Didymos Wraps, Slings and the DidyTai Baby Carrier, you might look for our organic baby clothes and sun protection for your baby. There is a lot to dicover, so why don’ t you take a look  in the Didymos Online Shop With best regards Your Didymos-Team

DIDYMOS Magazine

Welcome to the Didymos Magazine! Your information resource around themes like Didymos Baby Wraps and other Didymos products. Here you can inform about topics like: Which Baby Carriers by Didymos are available? What are the specific differences and advantages of the different Wraps? We show you explanations of how the Didymos Baby Wraps support the anatomy of your baby and which carrying types are pleasant to both, the parents and the baby. Additionally, we can offer tips and hints for a better understanding of your baby and its needs. Finally, for anyone who wants to test the Didymos baby Wrap before buying it, we offer the opportunity use of our service “”The Baby Wrap to Lend””. A comfortable way to experience the advantages of Didymos Baby Wraps first hand. Your Didymos Magazine has a lot more to offer: Find out about the socially responsible production of our Wraps. Did you know that all Didymos articles are produced in Germany and Austria? And that any single production step is controlled by Didymos? Read about the importance of organic materials for your childs’ health and why you can be sure that yor baby won’ t be harmed by poisonous additives or colours. So why don’ t you take a look in the Didymos Magazine? There is a lot to discover: Useful facts, tips, and stories all around the world of Didymos. Have a good time! With best regards Your Didymos Team