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DidyGo Chili Onbuhimo Didy Onbuhimo Chili For a comfortable ride high on mom's or dad's back. Fast and easy to put on. 119,00 € DidyGo Ozean Onbuhimo Our baby carrier comparison helps all those, who are not sure which baby carrier is the right one.

DIDYMOS Backpack "DidyGo": Practical, Light & Quick to Use

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DidyGo Baby Carrier for Your Child – Comfortable Carrying on the Back without a Waist Belt

Our back buckle carriers DidyGo has been specially developed to meet the needs of the growing number of people who carry their children. DidyGo is a back carrier for children who can already sit independently. Because one thing nobody can deny, even slightly older children love to be worn for a long time and to discover the world from mummy’s or daddy’s back.


When and How Long Can a Back Carrier be Used?

DidyGo buckle carriers can be used from a child’s weight of 7 kg or from the time when your baby can sit freely. The carrier can carry up to about 20 kg. All in all, the back carrier is a practical and comfortable alternative to a pram, buggy or front carrier for slightly older babies and toddlers.


Onbuhimo – The Back Carrier with Japanese Origins

The DidyGo carrier is similar to the Japanese carrying tool called Onbuhimo (short: Onbu), which allows ergonomic babywearing on the back. The look of the carrier is reminiscent of a rucksack and the way it is used is the same. This DIDYMOS Onbuhimo back carrier is easy to put on and take off. Furthermore, it is especially light and can be folded down into a small size so that it fits in every bag. You can read here what else you need to consider when babywearing on your back.


What is the DidyGo Baby Carrier Suitable for?

Whether for short breaks during walks, for cuddling or simply for travelling, the DidyGo offers you the perfect level of comfort and secure hold. Despite the backpack design, the DidyGo allows you to carry your child close to your body with optimum weight distribution. The use of the perfectly stretchy and cuddly DIDYMOS wraps also provides ideal support for a child’s back, making carrying particularly comfortable for children and parents. At the same time, the sling provides a variety of views which makes exploring the environment easy for your little one, while at a comfortably safe distance. If you are still unsure which carrier is suitable for which occasion and which age and weight, you can use our DIDYMOS Carrier Comparison to help you.


DidyGo Baby Carrier – The Comfortable Back Carrier for Pregnant People

As DidyGo buckle carriers do not require a waist or hip belt, they are particularly helpful for pregnant wearers, which is unlike a half buckle. Pressure on the growing belly is specifically avoided during babywearing, which has a positive effect on the well-being of both mother and child. And unlike ring slings, weight is distributed on both shoulders making it comfortable for longer wearing sessions.


DidyGo Baby Carrier – All the Facts at a Glance


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