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DidySnap Ocean Individually adjustable, grows with your baby from birth through toddler. 139,00 € An SSC Full Buckle Carrier, our DidySnap is fully adjustable.

DidySnap: The Baby Carrier that Grows with You – From Birth

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DidySnap – A Baby Carrier for Every Age

The DidySnap is the baby carrier from DIDYMOS that simply grows with your child. It is designed to be suitable for all babies and toddlers. Our continuously adjustable seat size and padded shoulder straps means a comfortable wearing experience at all ages. Another special feature: the shoulder straps can either be led under the baby’s bottom and clicked into the patented M-buckle or, in the case of larger toddlers, attached to the top of the back panel. This makes the carrier comfortable and convenient for both babies and older children. For the comfort of the wearer, the shoulder straps can also be worn crosswise.


What is the DidySnap Baby Carrier Suitable for?

Children love to be carried. Babies in particular love the feeling of being close to an adult’s body and her body heat and they create a very special bond through this kind of closeness. With the DidySnap baby carrier, you can give your child this luxurious feeling every day and take him with you wherever you go – whether shopping, going for a walk or cuddling on the sofa. This way, you don’t only let your little darling take part in your everyday life, but also show him the world, while at the same time encouraging correct posture and development. If you are still unsure which carrier type is suitable for which occasion and which age and weight, you can use our DIDYMOS Baby Carrier Comparison to help you.


One Baby Carrier – Many Carrying Possibilities

The DIDYMOS DidySnap provides you and your baby with a comfortable wearing experience in every carrying position – whether you prefer babywearing on your back, front or hips. The shoulder and waist straps are easy to open and close with buckles, making the DidySnap the perfect companion even in urgent moments and allowing you to put it on and take it off quickly.


What Age is the DidySnap Baby Carrier Suitable for?

The DidySnap is a babywearing carrier that grows with you and is suitable for all ages. It is the ideal baby carrier for newborn babies and allows you to carry your baby from birth. The individually adjustable seat makes it quick and easy to adjust the DidySnap to the size of your child – so it’s also perfect for older children.


Love to Carry Your Baby Right After Birth

Especially after birth, you want to hold your baby in your arms all the time, but sometimes this isn’t so easy – the DidySnap baby carrier makes it possible. By using a baby carrier, you always have your hands free so you can go about your everyday life easily. At the same time, you’re creating a strong bond between you and your child through sharing body heat and the closeness to your body.


DidySnap: A Baby Carrier that Grows with You

Babywearing is love – even with older children. With the individually adjustable seat, you can easily and quickly adjust the DidySnap to the size of your child. This means you don’t have to change baby carriers even when your child grows. This practical feature also makes the DidySnap baby carrier ideal for larger children.


DidySnap – The Most Important Facts at a Glance

Any further questions? Then please contact our friendly DIDYMOS customer service team or describe your request using our contact form.