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As a general rule, you should wash your slings just as often as you would wash any other item of clothing. In order to ensure that your sling retains its elasticity, colour and smooth finish for a long time, we list here 5 practical DIDYMOS care tips, including Didy tips with special treatments. By the way, we also enclose our compact DIDYMOS care tips for you with each sling and carrier.


PLEASE NOTE:  Our slings and carriers made from untreated cotton or mixed fabric will shrink slightly the first time they are washed. They are of course manufactured to take this into account and ensure they come out with exactly the right length from size 2 to 8. Their length will not change any further whenever you wash them after the initial wash, provided you follow our DIDYMOS care tips.


5 care tips: how to keep your DIDYMOS sling in good condition for a long time


Tip 1: Does it fit in? Don’t overfill your washing machine

All DIDYMOS materials require sufficient space and water in the washing drum. As such, you should only fill the drum half full and avoid running your machine in economy mode. Never leave your slings lying in the washing machine, as they’ll develop creases which are difficult to iron out afterwards. Please only wash mixed-fabric silk slings by hand, using lukewarm water.


Didy tip

Simply place your Didy Meh-Dai (DidyTai) in a washing bag or a pillowcase before putting it in the washing machine to prevent the shoulder and hip straps getting tangled up with the rest of the washing. Cover the rings of your DidySling with a sock before washing to prevent them crashing against the drum or washing machine door and getting worn as a result.


Tip 2: Cold or hot? Set the best washing temperature

You can wash slings made from untreated cotton, linen, or hemp at 60 degrees on a delicate cycle. PLEASE NOTE You will need to set the low spin speed for the delicate cycle manually on some washing machines.


Didy tip

Mixed-fabric wool, cashmere, or silk slings must not be put on the spin cycle! You should set the washing temperature as follows for these fabrics:


Tip 3: Powder or liquid? Use the right detergent

In order to maintain the quality and color of the fabric, you should use liquid detergent without any optical brighteners or bleach. Of course, this detergent must be suitable for the particular fabric of the sling. You don’t need to use any fabric softener, which should be avoided regardless for environmental reasons.


Didy tip

Adding a splash of vinegar to the conditioner draw removes harmful deposits from the washing machine and neutralises the smell of the detergent. Don’t panic: your sling won’t end up smelling of vinegar!


Tip 4: Tumble dryer or washing line? Dry the sling carefully

You should only put cotton slings in the tumble dryer and even then only use the delicate program. Mixed hemp, linen, wool, cashmere, and silk fabrics are not suitable for tumble drying!


Didy tip

After washing, simply place your damp mixed-fabric wool, cashmere, or silk sling in a towel and squeeze it (don’t wring it out!). You can then hang it out on your washing line to dry, but never in the blazing sunshine!


Tip 5: To iron or not to iron? Smoothing things out

You should iron cotton, linen, and hemp slings on the highest setting while still slightly damp. This will prevent creases always developing in the same places after washing and making the fabric brittle over time.


Didy tip

Mixed-fabric silk and tussah silk slings are also best ironed while still slightly damp, but on the “silk” temperature setting without steam.


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