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DidyKlick: Ready-to-use half buckle carrier



DidyKlick, the Baby Carrier with the click of a buckle and the comfort of a DIDYMOS Baby Wrap Sling, is our Half Buckle carrier. The padded waist- belt fits sizes 6-24 (UK) / 2-20 (US) and is fastened with a simple buckle. The panel can be adjusted easily to your baby’s size, including a small newborn, without the need of an additional insert.

The carrier is called a “Half Buckle” because the long shoulder straps are tied but there is a buckle at the waist. You can carry your child in a front carry, a back carry, or even in a hip carry.

Your child’s weight is evenly distributed on your hip and shoulders. The DidyKlick is equally suitable for newborns up to children weighing 20 kg.


How old must my child be for me to be able to carry my child in the DidyKlick:


  • in an upright position on my chest? You can do this from birth onwards.
    IMPORTANT You should support your baby’s head with the headrest.
  • on my hip? Our recommendation is from the age of 4 months, as soon as your baby can hold its head up.
  • on my back? You can carry your child on your back from the age of 4 months.


The illustrated PDF tying guide for the DidyKlick is available here.


Our tying instructions for the DidyKlick are also available as a videos:


DidyKlick Front Carry


DidyKlick Hip Carry


DidyKlick Back Carry


DidyKlick for Newborns


DidyKlick as Onbuhimo


5 tips to keep your waistbelt in shape


Our DidyPads offer maximum wearing comfort for DidyKlick and Didy Meh-Dai (DidyTai).
The correct use is shown in the following video.