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Tested by Didy Parents

We regularly ask our DIDYMOS Community, including on Facebook, to put our slings to the test. You can find the resulting reports from babywearing parents around the world here:



Prima Monochrome Hemp

“The hemp buttery-ness is worth waiting for. It’s soft, and delightful to handle. The drape is wonderful and the mouldability is, too – snug wrap jobs are a breeze with Monochrome.
And talking of a breeze, Monochrome is so nicely airy. This is really an inherent characteristic of the Prima weave, and I love it. Combined with its 232 gsm, I think Monochrome is going to be superb through the warmer spring and summer months.”

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Didy Onbuhimo Zephyr

“[The Didy Onbuhimo is] so light and compact – it doesn’t take up much space in my bag, and barely adds any weight. I found it really helpful for running errands, when short ups are often required. I’d normally stash a ring sling in my bag for these occasions, but it’s actually more useful to have my toddler on my back – so the Didy Onbuhimo is a great alternative. […]”

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Silva Tussah Linen

“[…] Shorty or base size – this is a wrap which really will shine in every length. Silva’s combination of cush and mouldability even make it a great ring sling.”

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Jersey Doubleface Stripes Papaya

“[…] The Didymos jersey wraps range among my personal favourites in this sector and I can recommend them with a clear conscience!”

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Didy Meh-Dai (DidyTai) Standard grey

“[…] I can recommend the Didy Meh-Dai with a clear conscience, personally I would swap my demonstration model with a showier model, bit I would not want to change anything in the proven concept of the carrier.”

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Didy Meh-Dai (DidyTai) Waves Lime

“My conclusion: the Didy Meh-Dai (DidyTai) is a lovely, easy to tie alternative to the baby wrap sling in proven Didymos quality. Positive characteristics are high-quality material in organic quality, regional production, beautiful design, perfect seat, comfortable, spreadable straps and adjustable headrest.[…]”

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“I wasn’t sure how much I’d like this wrap, as thick wraps are not normally my preference. However, I am really, really enjoying it. It’s wonderfully supportive, and the combination of the weave and the thickness of the linen gives it a lovely feeling on the shoulders. […]”

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DidyKlick Metro Monochrome

“I have SO much love for this Didymos Didyklick in Metro Monochrome! I’ve been eyeing this carrier since it was announced to release. Happy to say after much time after the release date, the carrier finally passed testing in the USA therefore available for retailers to sell…and for me to review!

It’s been used for every occasion from casual strolling to hikes in the Pacfic Northwest. I’m excited to wear it with a long black dress this summer because it is such a classy carrier!”

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Didy Meh-Dai (DidyTai) Twisted Lisca emerald

“The Didymos DidyTai is quick and easy to put on. The shoulder straps cross at the back, and the hip straps tie in the back too. I found that this distributes the weight of your child evenly across your hips and back, making for a more comfortable carrying experience. I really like that the shoulder straps can be adjusted, worn wide or narrow, depending on how the wearer is feeling. […]”

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Prima Sole Occidente

“The most important point, the application and wearing test finally fully convinced us. The wrap is very easy to tie, the middle marker facilitates orientation. It is tear-proof and resistant, yet soft with optimal diagonal elasticity. It can be firmly tied and moulds itself perfectly to the body. […]”

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