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Tested by Didy Parents

We regularly ask our DIDYMOS Community, including on Facebook, to put our slings to the test. You can find the resulting reports from babywearing parents around the world here:



Ada extra wide

“I have also had the chance to wrap my 3 year old on my back, and wrap my 6 month old for several hours. I was pleased to find Ada very comfortable on both occasions. It was also less grippy than I expected when wrapping a Double Hammock carry, which I was pleased about. It has a good amount of grip, in my opinion. For wrapping qualities I think Ada is superb!

So far, I have to say I’m loving it. […]”

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Ada nature HS

“Natties! Ah, possibly one of the most divisive colourways in the babywearing world. Some love them, some are terrified of them. I used to fall in the latter camp (the mud! The tomato sauce! The horror!) but having taking the plunge with a Natural Silk Prima, I have happily decamped to join the natty lovers. I adore the subtle elegance, the effortless goes-with-all-outfits style (and it turns out they’re not the stain attracting nightmares I envisaged). […]”

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Ada Ocean Silk

“I fall in and out of love quickly with a lot of wraps. Even after wearing well over 100 different textiles, I still find new love all the time. These affairs often fade and slowly the wrap gets lost towards the bottom of my shelf.

This will not be Ada Ocean Silk’s fate. This wrap is magical and could easily be a person’s only wrap. […]”

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Ada Pink Turmalin

“As I write this review, my 7 month old is asleep in the Ada Tourmaline that Didymos sent for me to review. This is a tricky age in wearing as babies are arching their backs to look out and weighing quite a bit more when they sleep, bowling ball style. Not every wrap is comfortable for front carries at this age but there is something really lovely about the new Ada weave that defies the norm. […]”

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Didy Onbuhimo Zephyr

“[The Didy Onbuhimo is] so light and compact – it doesn’t take up much space in my bag, and barely adds any weight. I found it really helpful for running errands, when short ups are often required. I’d normally stash a ring sling in my bag for these occasions, but it’s actually more useful to have my toddler on my back – so the Didy Onbuhimo is a great alternative. […]”

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DidyKlick Chili

“[…] Structurally, the DidyKlick is a mid-way point between a woven wrap and buckle carrier. In our eyes, this means that wearers experience the best features of both carrier-types. On the one hand, the DidyKlick is quicker and easier to wear than a simple woven wrap, yet it offers the flexibility which soft structured carriers sometimes lack. […]”

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DidyKlick Metro Blue-Gold

“The Didymos Didyklick is a fantastic half-buckle carrier that combines the simplicity of a buckle-carrier, with the versatility and flair of a woven wrap, and it is quickly becoming one of my favourite carriers! […]”

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DidyKlick Metro Monochrome

“I have SO much love for this Didymos Didyklick in Metro Monochrome! I’ve been eyeing this carrier since it was announced to release. Happy to say after much time after the release date, the carrier finally passed testing in the USA therefore available for retailers to sell…and for me to review!

It’s been used for every occasion from casual strolling to hikes in the Pacfic Northwest. I’m excited to wear it with a long black dress this summer because it is such a classy carrier!”

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DidyKlick Prima Aurora

“I’m seriously impressed and rather in love with the DidyKlick! It’s an extremely comfortable and well designed carrier that combines the ease and security of a structured, buckle fastened waist with the comfort, versatility and beauty of wide wrap fabric straps. Perfect from newborn to toddlerhood, it’s a fantastic option for new and ‘battle-hardened’ parents alike.”

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DidyKlick Prima Mars

“[…] I love the padding in the waist band. I also love that the buckle is fully protected with padding and so does not dig into your stomach or back. The waist padding extends enough around both of my hips and then there’s only about 8-10″ of non-padding in the very middle of my stomach.”

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