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Tested by Didy Parents

We regularly ask our DIDYMOS Community, including on Facebook, to put our slings to the test. You can find the resulting reports from babywearing parents around the world here:



Ada extra wide

“I have also had the chance to wrap my 3 year old on my back, and wrap my 6 month old for several hours. I was pleased to find Ada very comfortable on both occasions. It was also less grippy than I expected when wrapping a Double Hammock carry, which I was pleased about. It has a good amount of grip, in my opinion. For wrapping qualities I think Ada is superb!

So far, I have to say I’m loving it. […]”

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Flower of Life Amethyst

“It is really a durable wrap, it worths a little breaking-in in the beginning. My bigger daughter would like to inherit it and I think there is good chance that it will still be great for babywrapping when her time comes. Also because it is very strong, comfortable and easycare, it is very good for an everyday, one and only wrap. At the same time it is very pleasing aesthetically. It became one of our few absolute favourites.”

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Crepelino Azur

“[…] I’ve been blown away by the sheer comfort of this wrap. From the in-hand feel (slightly rough and definitely thin) I expected to need precision wrapping, but this is such a supportive and surprisingly easygoing wrap that I’m being a little more careless in my wrapping. The crêpe weave is airy enough to be nicely breathable and the linen is wonderfully cool – in our hot summer, I’m wrapping with very little other than Azur. […]”

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Crepelino Rosso

“[…] The lightness and thinness of this wrap makes it a natural for wearing newborn babies and for people new to babywearing. The strength of the linen means it continues to hold up to the weight of toddlers. And the thinness and properties of linen make it the ideal warm-weather wrap. […]”

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Didy Onbuhimo Chili

“My husband and I both agreed that with our toddler high on our back the carrier was comfortable. We each wore him one way on a 30-minute walk the other night. It was warm out and it was nice to have such a minimal carrier. When we got to the park it was easy to put him down to run around, easy to get him back up quickly to continue our walk, and, what I found most notable, so simple to carry such a small, light, compact carrier around while he played.”

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Didy Onbuhimo Zephyr

“[The Didy Onbuhimo is] so light and compact – it doesn’t take up much space in my bag, and barely adds any weight. I found it really helpful for running errands, when short ups are often required. I’d normally stash a ring sling in my bag for these occasions, but it’s actually more useful to have my toddler on my back – so the Didy Onbuhimo is a great alternative. […]”

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DidyKlick Chili

“[…] Structurally, the DidyKlick is a mid-way point between a woven wrap and buckle carrier. In our eyes, this means that wearers experience the best features of both carrier-types. On the one hand, the DidyKlick is quicker and easier to wear than a simple woven wrap, yet it offers the flexibility which soft structured carriers sometimes lack. […]”

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DidyKlick Metro Monochrome

“I have SO much love for this Didymos Didyklick in Metro Monochrome! I’ve been eyeing this carrier since it was announced to release. Happy to say after much time after the release date, the carrier finally passed testing in the USA therefore available for retailers to sell…and for me to review!

It’s been used for every occasion from casual strolling to hikes in the Pacfic Northwest. I’m excited to wear it with a long black dress this summer because it is such a classy carrier!”

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DidyKlick Ocean

“The attention to detail and all the ways to customize size has made the DidyKlick one of my favorite, and certainly one of the most versatile, carriers I have ever tried. I have always loved ssc for quick and easy ups, but find they aren’t very supportive on my back. On the other hand, I love woven wraps for their support, but they aren’t always the easiest option when out and about. The DidyKlick blends the ease of a buckle carrier with the support of a woven into a phenomenal baby carrier that I would recommend in a heartbeat.”

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DidyKlick Prima Aurora

“I’m seriously impressed and rather in love with the DidyKlick! It’s an extremely comfortable and well designed carrier that combines the ease and security of a structured, buckle fastened waist with the comfort, versatility and beauty of wide wrap fabric straps. Perfect from newborn to toddlerhood, it’s a fantastic option for new and ‘battle-hardened’ parents alike.”

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