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For small and big alike: the sling as a swing



Are your little ones too big to carry them comfortably in the sling any longer? Or are you looking for a bit of easy fun? You can use a double ring to turn your DIDYMOS sling into a practical swing or hammock chair for the garden or your child’s room in next to no time. A particularly practical feature is that, unlike a conventional baby swing, the sling swing’s fabric nestles around your child’s body while she swings, keeping her warm and secure.


How it works:

  • Use a piece of rope or a hook to secure a double ring to a stable holding point on a ceiling or a thick tree branch.
  • Pull one of the sling’s ends through the larger of the two rings and tie it tightly with a double knot at the other end.


Didy tip To avoid straining the same part of the sling each time your child swings on it, we recommend moving the knot from time to time.


The Institute of Textile Technology and Process Engineering Denkendorf (ITV) confirms that our slings can hold up to 300 kg, depending on how the swing is secured. This means that you can relax in the swing as an adult, provided your little ones let you, of course!


Safety first

Please only let your children play on the swing under supervision.