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Our Corporate Responsibility

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With the birth of a child, everything changes – even, too, our view of our precious world, which now needs to provide a safe home for our children for as long as possible.

As a company for baby slings and more, we naturally bear a particularly great responsibility, which has shaped our actions at DIDYMOS from day one.

What does Sustainability mean?

We see sustainability as something holistic that includes many factors beyond environmental awareness. For us, sustainable means: ecological, economic, regional, social, fair, diverse and healthy – not only with regard to our products, but also with regard to our corporate actions.


High Quality means Sustainable Consumption

In 1972, Erika Hoffmann founded the company and brand DIDYMOS and so, our first baby wrap slings, which are still in circulation today, also date from this time. Babies and children are still being carried in these original models, which speaks to our high equality standards – then as now.

We hold in high regard the quality of our products becase in the end it is this distinction that makes sustainable consumption possible. Babywearing is fun and we enjoy seeing the beautiful photos of stacked wraps every time – but in the end, one or two wraps are enough for an entire wearing period, knowing especially that they can then be passed seamlessly on to future generations.

If you enjoy the variety of colours and lengths that more than one baby wrap sling offers, you can simply sell the wraps onwards after the wearing period – the quality of our wraps ensures good value retention and thus also sustainable consumption.



Our baby wrap slings and baby carriers are all manufactured in Germany and in nearby European countries. But it is not only within the production chain that we value short distances. In our DIDYMOS brick and mortar store, we sell our slings and carriers directly at our company headquarters in Ludwigsburg, where they can be touched, tried out and borrowed at your leisure.

We also work with many local instructors and babywearing advisors, whom we also train.


Corporate Social Responsibility

By Corporate Social Responsibility we mean our social responsibility as a company, which easily exceeds the minimum legal requirements.

We create secure jobs in the form of various apprenticeships and work closely with organisations that support victims of domestic violence in re-entering the world of work.

We regularly support projects that touch us deeply because of their special commitment, such as the missions of Doctors Without Borders. We also support the Baby Friendly initiative of the WHO and UNICEF to create the best possible environment for newborns and their parents in more and more hospitals.

In addition, our company is GOTS-certified (Global Organic Textile Standard) which certifies our social and ecological responsibility.


Family-friendly Company

Nothing works without families – for this reason, their support is particularly close to our hearts. After all, we have been a family business from the very beginning – Erika Hoffmann founded and formed DIDYMOS as a mother of four children. Part-time work is therefore common practice at DIDYMOS, and we have even been able to offer part-time apprenticeships.

Flexible working hours and home office arrangements are also part of our daily standard outside of the pandemic in order to guarantee the best possible work-life balance. For the highest quality – from families for families.



The inclusion of all people is particularly close to our hearts, both within our team and with regards to our community.

We are convinced that diversity is a resource. For years, people with physical disabilities, refugee experiences or even trainees from varied backgrounds have been a permanent part of our team and have enriched us with their persepctives.

With regard to our community, it is a matter of course for us to produce slings and carrying aids in all sizes and for every carrying method – and we want everyone to be able to afford them.

In our external appearance, we make sure to represent as much diversity as possible. We also use the personal connection with our fans worldwide to develop new products that meet their individual needs even better.


Sustainable Materials

In order to guarantee our high-quality, lovingly and fairly manufactured baby wrap slings and carriers, sustainability begins for us with the origins of the raw materials.

Our basic fibre of organic cotton is grown and harvested free of synthetic fertilisers and pesticides and is certified organic; only GMO-free cotton is used. We also like to use hard-wearing natural fibres such as hemp or linen.

We take special care with our animal fibres: our warming wool, for example, comes from sheep from controlled organic animal husbandry (kbT) – i.e. strictly without any harm of the animals, such as mulesing or similar.

You can read more about our materials here.


Transparent Production Chain

All our products are manufactured according to the strictest quality requirements and the highest standards by lovingly selected partners with whom we always maintain personal contact.

Our weaving mill is in Austria, our knitting mill is in the Swabian Jura in Germany. The high-quality yarns come from Italy and Austria, where they also get their bright colours. Finally, our products are sewn in the Czech Republic and Germany.



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