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What exactly is surface weight or grammage ?

We repeatedly speak of surface weight, also called grammage. This is an information that you will find on the description pages of our DIDYMOS baby wrap slings, Didy Meh-Dais (DidyTais) and DidySlings. But what does this mean?

It is a value that denotes the weight per square metre or, more exactly, the grams per square meter (gms) of a fabric. This weight helps to approximately determine the thickness of a fabric. Generally, one can say: the higher the surface weight, the heavier and thicker the fabric. Of course, the weave and the material blend also have a bearing on how a baby wrap sling is tied and feels.

What surface weight is suitable for a baby wrap is assessed very differently and on an individual basis. Especially, when it comes to carrying older children, the opinions vary as to whether heavier or more lightweight fabrics are to be preferred.

Fabrics of less than 190 g/m² are considered to be very lightweight whereas a medium weight is abt. 200-250 g/m and a heavy weight 250-290 g/m². Everything above 300 g/m² is considered very heavy.


Are you now confused?
If you are new to babywearing, we recommend that you go for a medium weight between 190 and 250 g/m².

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