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We at Didymos first and foremost believe in producing high quality babywearing apparel that bring parents/caregivers and children closer together. We have been doing this proudly since 1972 and have helped millions of parents to bond with their children in a practical and effective way.


Recently, Didymos has come under fire for “cultural appropriation”, the idea that we are “stealing” patterns from cultures. Since Didymos began, the company has made no secret that it has drawn inspiration from various cultures across the world. We do so with the greatest respect and appreciation. Other accusations that run directly contrary to the high ethical and social standards of Didymos have also been made.


Inspiration drives creativity and, without it, the world will become a very gray and joyless place. It is our view that our original designs reflect the unique beauty of many different cultures, and that they promote cultural inclusivity and appreciation. This was the vision of Erika Hoffmann when she began Didymos and this is the vision we hold to as a company today.


We stand behind our products and our mission of bringing parents and children closer together through babywearing.