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Our new Didy Onbuhimo is now available

26. March 2018

didygo-rssToddlers love to explore the world on their own once they can crawl or walk. But they also love and need to be worn and held close to their parents. The Didy Onbuhimo baby carrier is a great way to fill that need.

The Onbuhimo carrier, originating from Japan, is worn up high on the back and is designed for babies, toddlers, and children who can sit unassisted.

It looks a bit like a rucksack and it is as fast to put on and to take off – ideal for toddlers who love frequent ups and downs!
Suitable for children who can sit unassisted, weight from abt. 7 to 20 kg.

The DIDYMOS Onbuhimo will be available to begin with in 6 different designs. These are available now in our online shop.