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DIDYMOS Tranquility – Heavy Weight with Linen

1. March 2018

tta-895_stamm_3We set to work and tried new linen-cotton-blends combining yarns of different thicknesses and colours – out came an extraordinary piece of cloth and stunning pattern, a true heavy weight that blends cotton with a very high percentage of shimmering linen.

The pattern is based on a warp of anthracite coloured linen. By interweaving thick, gold coloured linen and thin white cotton threads we could create a fabric featuring a unique, rich texture and vibrant pattern, a fabric with a wonderful grip.

We have had it tried and tested by babywearing consultants and they confirmed that our Tranquility is a fabulously supportive woven wrap blend that, once „broken in“, is wonderful to handle and work with.

You will find a test review in our community.

40% Organic Cotton, 60% Organic Linen – 380g/m²

DIDYMOS Baby Wrap Sling Tranquility