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Magic Summer by The Wrap Show




label-magic-summerA magical summer day, unforgettable to everyone who takes part: this is the exciting upcoming summer babywearing event “Magic Summer” in London, presented by The Wrap Show.

Wearing our children provides precious, sometimes magical moments of closeness; an unforgettable experience we share with our children and that will forever connect us. Every babywearing event and each babywearer who participates in these events contributes in spreading the idea of babywearing, making it available to more parents and their children so that they too can share in this beautiful experience.

Woven especially for the Magic Summer babywearing party in London, our special show wraps are an homage to this city. They will be a wonderful souvenir for all the babywearing fans and supporters who meet there, and make it a magical stay in London.

We owe the design to Vienna designer and artist Sylvia Moritz, known for her detailed and gorgeous drawings of cityscapes that she publishes under the label “The City Works”. Following her London cityscape collection, the outlines of prominent London city buildings, places and streets are artfully and graphically woven into our two special wraps – Magic Summer London Tussah and Magic Summer London Linen.

Woven into a cotton/Tussah silk blend fabric as well as into a cotton/linen blend wrap, the design has been expertly transferred to fabric on a jacquard loom – a true masterpiece of weaving.

Magic Summer London Tussah is a blend with 30% Tussah silk. The thin, high-quality, gold coloured Tussah silk creates a pattern full of subtle details and contours. The beautiful shine of golden silk covers the whole fabric with a gorgeous shimmer.  Thin, incredibly soft to the touch and pliable from the beginning, with an elegant drape and flow, the fabric caresses and supports your child without a lot of bulk or weight. With just the right amount of stretch, it molds to the wearer and baby with optimal comfort while supporting the baby all over evenly.
Silk is one of the strongest natural fibres, and thus is very supportive and tear-proof. Moisture and temperature regulating, silk blends are ideal to wear year around.

Magic Summer London Linen is a blend with 40% linen. We have chosen the best quality linen, with slightly thicker and heavier yarn. The white linen yarns create a finely detailed pattern beautifully outlining the contours, and the linen sheen makes the whole fabric shimmer in the light.
A bit sturdy in the beginning, the fabric softens quickly with the first wash and use and becomes wonderfully soft and pliable. With just the right amount of stretch, it allows the fabric to mold to the wearer and baby with optimal comfort while supporting the baby all over evenly.
Moisture and temperature regulating, linen blends are ideal to wear year around.

Both models are limited editions and will only be available to attendees of the  “Magic Summer” event on June 24, 2018 . Please send us your pre-orders for wraps/slings/scarves by June 3, and payments by June 5. All items ordered will not be shipped, but will instead be available to collect exclusively at the London event.

Please do not forget to bring your order and payment confirmation to the event.
Each wrap/sling/scarf has a sewn-in label with both logos to make sure it is a limited, licensed edition.