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Using our Slings in Hospitals and for Premature Babies



Around the world parents who use carriers know that holding their babies in a sling is good for their babies, not least because it meets their basic need to feel secure. And medical professionals also recognise the positive impact of babywearing in slings. As such, our DIDYMOS wrap slings have been used for many years now in an increasing number of hospital neonatal and premature baby units. The slings allow parents and carers to rock their tiny babies to sleep in the first few days after birth or calm them while they undergo examinations. This allows parents to make up for the time that these premature babies have lost in the womb.


Tina Hoffmann, Managing Director of DIDYMOS: “The beneficial and calming effect of babywearing is seen most clearly when premature babies are carried in a kangaroo-like pouch. To this end, we worked with the neonatal unit of Stuttgart’s Olga Hospital to develop our special DIDYMOS kangaroo sling.” The sling provides intensive skin-on-skin contact as parents hold their children safe and sound directly against their upper body. This contact promotes parent-child bonding.


You can find out more about the DIDYMOS kangaroo sling here