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In the hip pouch: kangaroo hip carrying position



In the kangaroo hip carrying position, you carry your child in a pouch at your side. Tying a layer of fabric around your hip gives your little one support and distributes her weight equally. Unlike with the kangaroo carrying position, you tie the sling at the side before putting your child in it. You then place your child in the tied pouch and can take her out at any time without untying the knot.


Didy tip

Are the sling ends too long? Simply tie them together again at your other hip.


Where’s the baby? Sideways on your hip

From what age can I carry her in this way? from ten weeks onwards

Suitable for slings: size 3 and above


The illustrated PDF tying guide for the kangaroo hip carrying position is available here.


Our tying instructions for the Kangaroo Hip Carrying Position are also available as a video