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Carrying twins in a sling or baby carrier


Did you know that DIDYMOS is ancient Greek and means twin?

That’s not without reason!

Erika Hoffmann, the DIDYMOS founding mother, knew about the special challenges of life with twins (and siblings). When she became a mother to her own twins Lisa and Tina almost 50 years ago, she searched for a way to give her newborn twins the same closeness and attention as their two older siblings had had. And, of course, to manage everything around the house on the side.

What a challenge!

But the good news: she succeeded wonderfully – and with both hands free, she even found the time to set up a business on the side.


Why carry twins?

So the story of carrying twins is as old as DIDYMOS itself. But what is so great about carrying twins?

In short: carrying brings ease to everyday life on so many levels. Whether it’s finally having a cup of coffee in peace, enjoying exclusive time with just one child or carrying one twin while your hands are free for the other – or for anything else you’d like to do.

Physiological benefits, especially for hip development, also underpin the positive effect of carrying.

And best of all: bonding, closeness and love come free of charge!




Carrying twins: how is it done?

How do you carry twins in a DIDYMOS baby sling – with two slings or baby carriers?

Which tying method is best for twins?

And in general, which sling, which length and which baby carriers are suitable for twins?

First of all: the possibilities are almost limitless and can be combined with each other in countless ways. We have therefore created a small “best of” list and present our top 5 most popular ways to carry twins in a sling or carrier.


1. Carrying twins individually

You probably didn’t expect this, but our first tip, especially for newcomers to babywearing, is to learn how to safely carry a single child.

As soon as you have mastered a front carry, e.g. the wrap cross carry, adopt a back carry, preferably the rucksack carry.

Knowing how to get a child onto your back is half the battle – for everyday life and for all other twin carrying methods. The new mum in particular should take care of her pelvic floor and carry as little as possible, even if it is only one twin. The other twin can be changed, looked after or also carried – by dad, grandma, grandpa, auntie or whoever else takes pleasure in doing so.

Carrying twins individually in a sling or in a DIDYMOS baby carrier is the easiest option and is especially recommended for older, heavier children.


2. Carrying twins in a large baby sling

From here we move on to tandem carrying, i.e. carrying both twins or two children at the same time. Here the twins are carried in one long, woven sling at the same time on the adult’s front torso. For this wrapping technique we recommend a size 7 sling,
For petite people, a sling size smaller is often sufficient.

Please take note! It is best to have this twins tying method for twins shown to you by a babywearing consultant, so that you can safely and comfortably tie and carry your children.


3. Carrying twins in two ringslings

Ring slings are super practical – once threaded through the rings, they can be tightened and loosened easily and loosen them without having to tie them again. And the big advantage: you can also use them separately and are therefore flexible for each twin’s needs.

Twins can easily be carried crosswise in two DidySlings, with the second sling placed over the back and under the first sling on the chest side. In this way, one twin sits on each hip and you can easily take one child out and put her down while the other can remain in the ring sling.




4. Carrying twins in two slings

If you want to carry twins at the same time, it is best to carry one twin on your back and the other on your chest for optimal weight distribution.

For this you need two DIDYMOS baby slings. For example, you can first tie one child in the cross carry and then the other in the rucksack carry. You can also carry twins in two baby carriers – one on the front and one on the back.

This tandem carrying method is also ideal for siblings. The older, heavier child should always be carried on your back. If you want to use this method for newborn twins, you should be confident and experienced in carrying them on your back (see point 1). If in doubt, please contact a babywearing consultant who will practise carrying on the back with you.


5. Carrying twins in a sling and baby carrier at the same time

Especially if you want to carry your twins or siblings on your front and back at the same time, it is also possible to combine different carrying systems. For example, you can carry one child in the Didy Onbuhimo on the back and one on the front in the sling.

Or you can use a DidyKlick or DidySnap for the back carry and attach a sling to the front. Let your creativity run free!


DIDYMOS twin discount

When buying two DIDYMOS baby carriers or baby slings, parents of twins can receive a 10% discount on the total amount.

This offer is only valid if both baby carriers / slings are ordered together and only on presentation of proof.

If you would like to take advantage of this offer, please contact us at or call us on +49 7141 97571-0.


Still unsure which carrying method is best for you and your twins?

Then look for a babywearing consultation in your area and let a babywearing consultant show you the different

You can also try out different carrying systems in our brick and mortar store in Ludwigsburg or borrow them and test them at home (this service is only available within Germany).