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Out and about with baby no matter the weather


Even on bad weather days and sinking winter temperatures, your child is better off cuddled up close to you.

If you observe the following guidelines, there should be no reason to fear the bitter cold outside:

Carry your child close to your body with as few clothing layers as possible between yourself and your baby. In this way you can best keep your child warm while keeping each other warm outside.

Carry your child under your coat or your jacket – We have Babywearing Jackets with inserts, guaranteeing ample space for both of you. A wide coat or jacket can also be sufficient or choose our BabyDos. Make sure that your baby can always breathe freely and always remember a hat, warm socks, and bootees for your baby.

Your child should only be dressed as warm as in a pushchair if you have to wear the baby wrap sling over your coat. Then baby has to keep warm by himself as he will feel little of your body heat through the coat.

Often check whether your baby still has warm feet. This will be the first indicator that baby is feeling cold. Do not be deceived by your own perception of temperature. You are in motion, your child is not.




For optimum protection against the cold we recommend a Babywearing jacket or our BabyDos for your child.


Danger of Falling

Please remember to use sturdy shoes with soles suitable for winter when going out into ice and snow or use spikes.

You will find spikes for all shoe sizes in our shop.