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Babywearing in Summer



Here are a few tips to make babywearing during the summer months a breeze


Which Wrap?

Of course, you don’t need a special wrap just for the summer. However, if your child is due to be born in spring, there are a few things to bear in mind when choosing a wrap.

The different DIDYMOS wraps have different fabric densities. Our most lightweight wraps have weights of up to 200 g/m². These are made of airy Jacquard fabric, for example the ‘Waves’ pattern. Amongst the striped wraps, „Standard Sky “is particularly lightweight.
The UV factor of DIDYMOS fabric is generally very high, whereby strongly coloured fabrics provide better protection than light ones.
Anyhow, never expose your child to full sun without sun protection! Always make sure that baby’s head and legs are covered. You will find a varying range of suitable sun hats and caps in our shop.

The following wraps belong to the lightweight ones, more wraps in our shop.



BabyDos Sun

The BabyDos Sun offers good UV- protection, we manufacture it from particularly lightweight and quick-drying Supplex. It is simply pulled over the sling or the carrier and adjusted with drawstrings.


Regulating Body Temperature

When you carry your baby on your chest in the baby wrap sling you will feel your child’s temperature.

Babywearing adjusts temperatures of wearer and the carried child, the child will never be warmer than you are, overheating is excluded.

If you are seeking for a shady spot for breastfeeding or for a break your DIDYMOS wrap will serve as a picnic blanket or as a sun shade.


Carrying Methods

Tying methods where baby is supported by a single layer are much more pleasant for higher temperatures.

Recommended are the kangaroo carry, the hip carry, the back carry and for very small babies the wrap cross carry as well, here the outer rails are not spread out. DidyKlick, Didy Meh-Dai (DidyTai), DidySling and Didy Onbuhimo offer the same options. They are quick to put on and offer comfortable support with one layer of material.


Sun Protection and General Knowledge

Here the same applies as always:

The smaller the child, the less it should be exposed to direct sunlight.

An airy sunhat with a wide brim and a neck guard protects from too much sun from above. Uncovered skin should be protected by sunscreen. You can find our offer around the topic sun protection here.

A baby which is fully breastfed demands to be fed more often at higher temperatures. Do not forget that you should drink for two in order to be able to fulfil that need.

If you are no longer or partially breastfeeding sufficient water is your first choice, it can be at room temperature.