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Use on the ward


premature baby

For parents, an early delivery can be a very traumatic experience and seeing their baby monopolised by medical equipment can make it difficult to develop parental feelings. Mothers in particular develop irrational feelings of guilt and suffer because there is nothing they can do for their child and they have to leave everything to the medical staff. This is not the best start for a life-long relationship.

Many neonatal units are now trying to prevent any of these initial bonding difficulties and this means placing a lot of importance on physical contact between the parents and the child.


The secure hold of a baby wrap helps to prevent any initial fears of holding the baby and parents can physically discover that their child is simply small and is not ill or mentally disabled.



Pictures from the neonatal unit at the Olga Hospital in Stuttgart



Parents were given a DIDYMOS baby wrap that has been specially designed for use in a clinical environment. They were encouraged to spend as much time in physical contact with their child as possible. In a survey, the parents were asked for their opinion of the wraps:



  • 100% (28) felt more secure
  • 96% (27) felt they were more able to relax when providing kangaroo care
  • 75% (21) felt that the children were more relaxed/stable
  • 67% (19) felt that their privacy was protected
  • 100% (28) found the fabric and the seams very comfortable
  • 75% (21) would like to continue using the kangaroo care wrap *


*There was a misunderstanding when it came to the final question. The parents understood the question to mean that they would purchase this type of wrap for use at home. However, we meant to ask if they would continue using the wrap in the hospital.







The staff also uses baby wraps during their work.
As this work often involves strenuous movements, normal woven DIDYMOS baby wraps were used as they provide more support. These baby wraps are also available in a narrower cut for premature babies.














When performing head ultra-scans on the children the doctor remarked:
“I have never had such calm children. Why don’t we do this more often?”