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From birth, even for the tiniest ones: wrap cross carrying position



The wrap cross carrying position is a modification of the cross carrying position and is particularly suited to carrying newborns or premature babies. Three fully adjustable layers of fabric support your child’s weight, holding her little head and body steadily on all sides. You can provide an additional neck support by rolling a muslin diaper or similar into the top edge of the sling, creating a “collar” that reaches up to the back of your child’s head.

The wide fabric bands distribute the weight very evenly across your shoulders, back, and hips, enabling you to comfortably carry a bigger child, too, while maintaining an upright posture that protects your back.


Didy tip

For bigger children who already have good body control, you can also spread the lateral bands over their bottom. This further eases the load on you and makes it easier for you to carry your child.


Where’s the baby? Upright across your chest

From what age can I carry her in this way? From birth onwards

Suitable for slings: size 5 and above and for the DIDYMOS jersey sling


The illustrated PDF tying guide for the wrap cross carrying position is available here.

Please read the safety instructions before tying the baby wrap sling.


Our tying instructions for the Wrap Cross Carry are also available as a video