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For more experienced parents: variation on the wrap cross carrying position



Unlike with the wrap cross carrying position, this variation sees you tie the horizontal layer of fabric so that it sits on the outside across your stomach. The small, but clever difference is that you tie the sling before placing your child in it, enabling you to take her out again without untying the knots. This is practical for when you’re out and about and need to keep moving your child between the sling and the car seat, for example. We only recommend this variation for more experienced parents who are already well acquainted with using the wrap cross carrying position.


Didy tip

If your baby is quite unsettled during its first few weeks, midwives recommend an additional option to mimic the womb. You can carry your child in a familiar position by also pulling the outer, diagonal fabric layer over his or her feet. Take care when doing so not to constrict the feet.


Where’s the baby? Upright across your chest

From what age can I carry her in this way? From birth onwards

Suitable for slings: size 6 and above and for the DIDYMOS jersey sling


The illustrated PDF tying guide for the variation on the wrap cross carrying position is available here.

Please read the safety instructions before tying the baby wrap sling.