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The traditional carrying position: on the hip



For parents, carrying their child on their hip is a completely natural and almost automatic thing to do. This is also true for the child, whose reflex is to clamp on with her legs. By carrying your child in the traditional hip position in the DIDYMOS sling, you’re also supporting your health. It’s the best way to distribute your child’s weight between your hips and shoulders, making it more comfortable for you to carry her for longer, even when she is older and heavier. It provides even support for your baby’s back, which is particularly important when she can’t yet sit up unsupported.

If you have a sling in size 4 or above, you can simply gather the long fabric ends at the front, as in the variation on the hip carrying position, and tie them together under your child’s bottom. That way, they won’t irritate your back. Alternatively, you can roll the ends into the top edge of the sling to create a head support for your baby which still allows her to turn her head to the right and left.


Didy tip

It’s also important in this carrying position to pull the sling up to your baby’s head when she is still small and feed the fabric in strands, that is in several fabric layers, from one edge of the sling to the other. This ensures that your child is held securely from all sides. And if you use two rings, tying’s even easier.


Where’s the baby? Sideways on your hip

From what age can I carry her in this way? from ten weeks onwards

Suitable for slings: size 2 and above



The illustrated PDF tying guide for the hip carrying position is available here.

Please read the safety instructions before tying the baby wrap sling.


Our tying instructions for the Hip Carrying Position are also available as a video