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Supported by a wide band of fabric across the chest: double hammock carrying position



In the double hammock position, you carry your baby extremely comfortably on your back, in a similar way to in the rucksack carrying position. The particular feature of the double hammock position is that you tie your sling with a wide band of fabric across your chest, providing additional support for carrying your child’s weight.


Didy tip

This carrying position also takes a little practice. If your child is still very small, we especially recommend asking someone for a helping hand at first.


Where’s the baby? On your back

From what age can I carry her in this way? From 5 months onwards, provided your baby can hold her head properly

Suitable for slings: size 6 and above


The illustrated PDF tying guide for the Double Hammock carrying position is available here.

Please read the safety instructions before tying the baby wrap sling.

Our tying instructions for the Double Hammock are also available as a video