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The DIDYMOS Hybrid Wrap, the elastic Alternative



Our DIDYMOS Jersey Wrap Sling, made from 100% organic cotton, is especially stretchy but offers similar support compared to a woven wrap. It is ideally suited to carry very small and lightweight babies, in addition to babies with special needs. We favour two-layer or three-layer carrying methods as presented in the following tutorials.

We recommend this wrap for babies up to 12 kg max.



A pre-tied jersey wrap is especially practical when you are out and about and for quick up and downs.


How old should my child be for upright front or hip carries in a jersey wrap?
You can carry upright or on hip from birth. Even premature babies are well supported and snug in the soft and cuddly material.


Please read the safety instructions before tying the baby wrap sling.


Here are video instructions for your jersey wrap