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Tutorial DidySnap

Go out and enjoy yourself with the Didymos fullbuckle carrier, fully adjustable to all sizes.

The carrier is convenient and easy to put on, individually adjustable and offers natural wearing comfort. Shoulder- and waist straps are fastened completely with buckles, there is no tying to be done, ideal if you would rather do without.

The DidySnap allows you to carry in a front, hip and of course a back carry, this allows baby to be close to the action during everyday activities or on holiday-for a successful babywearing experience.


How old must my child be for me to be able to carry my child in the DidySnap:

  • in an upright position on my chest? You can do this from birth onwards.
    IMPORTANT You should support your baby’s head with the headrest.
  • on my hip? Our recommendation is from the age of 4 months, as soon as your baby can hold its head up.
  • on my back? You can carry your child on your back from the age of 4 months.


The illustrated PDF tying guide for the DidySnap is available here.

Please read the safety instructions before using the DidySnap.


Our tying instructions for the DidySnap are also available as a videos: