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The knot-free option: DidySling



Ready for a whole range of activities: smartly combining a sling and two sling rings, the DidySling allows you to quickly take your child out of it at any time and put her back in again. There are numerous ways to fasten the DidySling around your body and none of them requires any knots. Find your favorite way of fastening it.


Didy tip

The DidySling also makes it easy and convenient for you to breastfeed your baby when you’re out and about.


How old should my child be for me to use the DidySling to…?

  • carry her across my chest or on my hip? You can do so from birth.
  • carry her on my back? We recommend that you wait until your child can sit up.


The illustrated PDF tying guide for the DidySling is available here.


Our tying instructions for the DidySling are also available as a video