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Wool – the warming classic

Wool is currently experiencing a real “boom”, especially in baby and children’s products – and rightly so! Wool scores with its extraordinary natural properties.

Wool is not only warming, but also regulates humidity and temperature, repels dirt and is breathable.

The quality of the wool depends not only on the type of sheep, but also on the climate and the conditions under which the sheep are kept. For this reason, we only use wool from sheep that are kept in controlled organic livestock farms and are at home in a cooler habitat. Naturally mulesing-free!

Slings with wool – in winter as well as in summer

Slings with wool are very popular and a real cuddly dream, especially with newborns or small, delicate babies. At the same time, wool also holds weight reliably and comfortably, making it fantastic for heavier babywearing.

Wool is also warm when it gets a little damp. In addition, fabrics with wool dry particularly quickly. Wool slings are therefore especially suitable for cold and damp weather. However, the same properties also score in summer when it is hot and sweaty. Slings with wool are therefore by no means only suitable in winter, but should definitely also be used in summer!


Washing and caring for slings with wool content

Caring for slings with wool content is a little more demanding and requires a little love to avoid matting or shrinkage:

Wash your sling with wool at max 30 degrees – preferably by hand.

Wrap slings with wool must not be spun! If you do wash your woolen wrap in the hand wash cycle in the washing machine, please make sure to switch off the spin cycle.

Please use a wool detergent.

After washing, you can roll it up in large towels and gently squeeze the water out.

It should then be left to air dry.

Important: Woolen cloths should not be put in the dryer and should be ironed on level 1 (1 point) at the most.


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