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Silk – delicate and robust

Silk is a natural animal fibre and is collected from the cocoon of the pupated silkworm. It has a natural sheen and is very light, but at the same time is tear-resistant.

Tussah silk, i.e. natural wild silk, is often woven into the DIDYMOS slings. Tussah silk is obtained from cocoons of the oak silk moth after the moth has hatched. These are collected in nature. Therefore, this “wild silk” is somewhat irregular, which is its special charm. It appears in natural tones and is brownish to gold.


Elegant tying dreams: slings with silk

Slings with (tussah) silk are enchanting in many ways. First of all, the silk content conjures up an elegant, high-quality look for the slings by making them shimmer and shine.

At the same time, silk wraps score high with their excellent tying properties. The silk gives our DIDYMOS baby slings a particularly soft touch in addition to the typical silk sheen. They feel very soft and smooth, but are still grippy. Silk has an extremely low weight, which makes the slings very light, yet incredibly strong and tear-resistant. Carriers made of silk are therefore incredibly popular with both delicate newborns and larger babies.

Due to their natural heat and moisture regulation, silk wraps are also the perfect choice for hot summer days.


Washing and caring for slings with (tussah) silk

Like all precious materials, (tussah) silk needs special care when washing. With these tips and tricks, it works like a charm:

  • Wash your silk wrap sling at max. 30 degrees.
  • Please do not spin-dry wraps with silk content!
  • Use a special silk detergent.
  • After washing, you can roll it up in large towels and gently squeeze the water out.
  • It should then be left to air dry and pulled into shape while still wet.
  • The still slightly damp wrap sling can now be ironed on the lowest setting.
  • Caution: sprinkling with water before ironing can cause water spots!




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