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Linen – the most sustainable fibre

Linen is a fibre derived from flax with an incredibly good ecological balance. Flax is grown regionally and mostly in Europe, whereby the flax plant is extremely frugal and requires little to no pesticides or fertilisers. Like our cotton, our linen is GOTS certified. It is also grown without genetic manipulation and requires very little water. Linen is completely biodegradable and compostable.

At the same time, linen has terrific properties: it is breathable, temperature- and moisture-regulating. Linen is antibacterial, effective against fungi and repels dirt. But it gets even better: of all textile fibres, linen is the most robust. The flax fibre is tough, tear-resistant and durable, while at the same time having low environmental impact.


Linen as a strong companion for babywearers

The optimal wearing properties can be read off from this with ease: wrap slings made of linen are particularly robust and strong – even thinner wraps become “lump-proof” with linen content, so they are perfectly suitable for heavy and large babies. Linen is very soft when worn and therefore also suitable for delicate newborns. Slings made of linen are real all-rounders throughout the whole carrying experience – and in summer you will be happy about the temperature and moisture regulation of the flax fibre.


Washing and caring for slings with linen

The following principle applies to linen: linen must float! So please do not fill up the machine.

You should also make sure that slings with linen are washed and ironed regularly in order to prevent “permacreasing”, i.e. a settling of the folds which can result in rips in the material.

  • You can wash your linen sling at max 60 degrees in the gentle cycle of your washing machine.
  • Be sure to use a little liquid (!) mild detergent.
  • You can then air dry it or alternatively use the gentle programme of your tumble dryer.
  • When it is still slightly damp, it will be happy to be ironed at the highest setting.




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