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Hemp – natural, sustainable, resistant

Hemp is a very durable natural fibre. It is traditionally used wherever great durability under tough conditions is required. It is well known for its use in sails, cordage and tents. Particularly durable paper, for example for banknotes, is still made from hemp today. And even Gutenberg printed his Bible on hemp paper. More still, the famous trousers that a certain Levi Strauss riveted together for American gold panners were made of hemp fabric back then and not, as today, of cotton.

Hemp is therefore very environmentally friendly with a low energy needs, and at the same time very durable and tear-resistant.


Slings with Hemp

Slings made with hemp are very kind to the skin and are therefore ideal for allergy sufferers. Their natural properties make them ideal for carrying in warmer temperatures. They are very stable and reliably carry even small children while distributing the weight optimally for the wearer.

Initially, hemp wrap slings are somewhat stiff and firm, but they quickly become soft and cuddly when washed and worn and are also suitable for delicate newborns.


Washing and caring for baby slings with hemp

Baby wrap slings with hemp behave similarly to linen slings when it comes to care.

  • You can wash your hemp sling at max 60 degrees in the gentle cycle of your washing machine.
  • Be sure to use a little liquid (!) mild detergent.
  • Afterwards you can air dry it or alternatively use the gentle programme of your dryer.
  • When it is still slightly damp, it will be happy to be ironed at the max setting.



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