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Cashmere – fine and soft

Cashmere wool is a fine, high-quality and very soft fibre that is combed from the undercoat of the cashmere goat at the end of winter, i.e. at the time of the natural hair change. Similar to sheep’s wool, cashmere stores heat – but up to six times better! It is also cuddly soft and moulds to you like a second skin.


Precious slings with cashmere

Cashmere slings are particularly soft and extremely elastic. They have excellent wearing properties, are soft and delicate and are the material of choice especially for newborns. The cotton-cashmere blend yarn combines the strength of cotton with the fluffiness of cashmere. This makes the slings just as resilient as all DIDYMOS slings.

At the same time, the cashmere gives DIDYMOS slings a special look, which is why they are particularly popular in the community.

Cashmere-cotton slings are characterised by particularly good temperature and moisture regulation, which works both in cold damp seasons and warm humid ones.


Washing and caring for slings with cashmere

Caring for slings with cashmere is similar to caring for woollen slings. They also require special attention when washing and caring for them, but knowing how is child’s play:

  • Wash your cashmere sling at max 30 degrees and by hand!
  • Cashmere wraps should be washed with as little movement as possible and should never be spun.
  • Please use a wool detergent.
  • After washing, you can roll it up in large towels and gently squeeze out the water.
  • It should then be left to air dry.
  • Important: Wrap slings with cashmere must never be put in the dryer or ironed.


Here you can find wrap slings with cashmere in our shop.