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How a Sling Emerges



After the dyeing and weaving process, it’s off to the sewing room. Here the DIDYMOS baby sling is sewn from long lengths of fabric. First the fabric is hemmed lengthwise, then cut to the right length and then the diagonal hem with care labels gets stitched. At the very end, the centre points are “dotted”.

Did you know? Our classic DIDYMOS baby sling is shaped like a parallelogram. Only this particular cut gives it a practical reserve of fabric, which allows the sling can be tied with a knot or a loop and, if necessary, can be knotted “to the last corner”. Plus, the ends then cascade out of the knot more prettily. Erika Hoffmann, daughter of a master tailor, knew how to put this into practice.

A special quality feature of our baby slings: the selvedges are double hemmed. This means that all our slings keep their shape even after being worn for a long time, after many years and after frequent washing.

So that you can use the carrying method that is most comfortable for you and your child, and the sling is neither too long nor too short, we sew our DIDYMOS slings in sizes 2 to 8. “With this sizing method, our mother set a worldwide standard for slings in 1972 – parallel to the development of cross-carrying methods – which is still popular today.” explains Anna Hoffmann, head of the DIDYMOS brick and mortar store and carrying consultant.




You need a longer sling? We are also happy to manufacture individual sizes on request! Simply contact our DIDYMOS customer advisors on +49 7141 975 71-0 or send us an email to


“Before a baby sling finally leaves our warehouse in Ludwigsburg, we check each one very carefully.” adds Anastasia Daldou, head of warehouse and shipping since 2007. In addition, our baby slings are regularly tested for harmful substances by renowned institutions. “Only when we are sure that there are no defects and the quality is absolutely right do we send the sling out to our customers – wherever they are at home in the world.”



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