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From Dyeing, Weaving and Designing



How the sling gets its colour

To suit every taste and style, our DIDYMOS colour palette ranges from subtle to bright, from minimalist natural and earthy tones to strikingly colourful rainbows.

To ensure that the colours of the sling remain beautiful even after repeated washing and intensive use, we rely on the latest and environmentally friendly technology.

Before it goes onto the loom, our yarn is given an extensive dye bath in our dye house. Here, the fibres absorb the exclusively heavy metal-free dye particularly well. A real DIDYMOS quality feature: our colours have excellent saliva and rub fastness.


Yarn becomes fabric becomes wraps

In the dyeing plant, about 80 different colours are created in various yarn counts and fibres (e.g. cotton, silk, linen, etc.). From the dyeing plant, the yarns are taken to the weaving plant, where they are elaborately woven into the desired fabric pattern. Of course, we do not use any auxiliary weaving materials such as sizing agents or lubricants, so that our slings are particularly kind to the skin.


Slings as a fashion accessory

“It is important to us to offer parents a choice of different designs. That means we regularly design new patterns, motifs and colour combinations.” – Tina Hoffmann, Managing Director at DIDYMOS.

Today, a baby sling is much more than just a cloth to carry babies. Rather, for more and more parents it is becoming a fashion accessory that is artfully staged to match their clothing style and own taste. Ultimately, a sling must be visually appealing so that it is used often and with pleasure.

We take this into account, because as diverse as the yarns are, so are our ideas.

In addition to our classic and timeless slings, we also create many slings with an unusual look, too. “Our customers just love the many possibilities!”, says Tina Hoffmann convincingly. Often even the DIDYMOS fan community has a direct influence on the design process of a new baby sling.

If you also have ideas, feel free to email us or follow us on Instagram and Facebook and become a member of our exclusive DIDYMOS Facebook groups.


Behind the scenes

Curious now? Then join us in the weaving mill and find out how a DIDYMOS sling is made and what makes it so special.