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Sustainability and Social Responsibility



What does a DIDYMOS baby sling have in common with a t-shirt?

At first glance, a lot: both are utilitarian objects, are often made from the same materials such as cotton or linen and both come from the textile industry.

A closer look, however, shows that conventional textiles are anything but sustainable. With annual emissions of 1.2 trillion tonnes of carbon dioxide, the textile industry produces twice as much CO2 as aeroplanes and ships combined.

The consumption of resources is also problematic: for example, a person would need about 13 years to drink as much water as it takes to produce an ordinary cotton shirt. In addition, harmful and toxic substances are produced during the production process, which are not only problematic for the environment, but also for our health.

That is not sustainable! And here lies the essential difference between conventional textiles and DIDYMOS.


GOTS-Logo DIDYMOS_150Naturally sustainable – about GOTS, kbA and kbT

Consistent sustainability and naturalness of the value chain from start to finish – that is our DIDYMOS promise.

This is not just about the quality of the materials, because natural is not the same as sustainable. For example, although wool is natural, sheep are often subjected to barbaric practices such as mulesing to obtain their wool, a method we strictly distance ourselves from.

To make our products as sustainable as possible, we only use raw materials from controlled organic cultivation (kbA) or controlled organic animal husbandry (kbT) for our yarns. Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and other certifications in the preliminary stages of our production also prove that our processed natural fibres and dyes are free of harmful substances and therefore are not only particularly skin-friendly, but critically, ecologically harmless.

Did you know? GOTS is an internationally established standard that sets the worldwide benchmark for environmental and social compatibility in textiles. Our certification can be viewed under licence no. 1030864. Further details can be found on the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) page.


Fair production, fair trade, fair togetherness

Our heartfelt concern at DIDYMOS is to keep the consumption of goods and the burden on the environment as low as possible, while at the same time ensuring fair conditions for all those involved throughout the entire value chain. This applies not only to people, but also to the animals from which we obtain our materials – for example, we only use mulesing-free wool from controlled organic animal husbandry.

In order to fulfil our social responsibility, we are in regular exchange with all those involved in the entire production chain and take a stand for things that are important to us.

“We prioritise fair wages and fair working conditions for our suppliers and say a clear “No!” to child labour and exploitation. With our partners, we share common values that always focus on people.” – Tina Hoffmann, Managing Director at DIDYMOS.

Fair cooperation is what sets DIDYMOS apart and has always ensured the consistently high quality of our slings and baby carriers.


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