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The new DIDYMOS Community 21.01.2017

communityWe have turned the area „opinions and photos“ inside out and put it on a new footing. The result is our new “DIDYMOS Community”.

You will now find our guestbook there, we have completed it so that you can upload photos and videos to accompany your contributions.
We are looking forward to your sharing your wrap experiences and personal impressions.

You will also find many other pictures and videos in the community as well as valuable new ideas for the creative approach to our fabrics.

Browse away and have fun!

DIDYMOS Baby Wrap Sling Ludwig 19.01.2017

Baroque is omnipresent in Ludwigsburg, the hometown of DIDYMOS – in its places and sumptuous palaces and gardens.

Our model Ludwig is a tribute to this special flair. The opulent design reminds of the extravagant interior of the royal residential palace. An acqua coloured cotton warp artfully interweaves with cinnamon yarns to create a rich pattern that combines harmony and baroque exuberance. A wrap that captivates the senses by its colours and its subtle shine.

The wrap is made of 100% organic cotton and has a surface weight of 190g/m².

Also available as DidySling Ludwig.


DIDYMOS Baby Wrap Sling Ada, Extra Wide 12.01.2017

tti-981_stamm_1aWe love to experiment and use traditional weaving knowledge and techniques to create new patterns, unusual designs and fabric blends while keeping in mind the superb wrapping qualities of DIDYMOS wraps.

Our latest offspring, the Ada model, combines traditional European weave patterns and features a beautiful variety of repeating geometric patterns.

The Jacquard woven fabric is soft and a bit fluffy. It is moldable and has a slightly textured, grippy surface that makes it easy to work with as it holds knots firmly in place. Like all DIDYMOS wraps it has perfect inherent stretch that makes it so comfortable to adapt to many carries on the front, back or side.

Woven in an extra wide version, the wrap comfortably holds and supports older children as well. The fabric is lightweight and thin enough not to add too much extra bulk.


Emma F. tested this wrap for us. Her review: “So far, I have to say I’m loving it. I was surprised by how much it fluffed up after a wash and dry, and astonished when I first wrapped with it – it feels like it contains hundreds of little air pockets. This makes it so comfortable to wear! […]”

DIDYMOS Baby Wrap Sling Facett Monochrom 11.01.2017

tta-786_stamm_5Anthracite and white are the colours that combine to create a classy and timeless colour design released in the DIDYMOS Facett line.

The diamond like pattern and nature of the Facett weave adds depth to the surface creating a slightly grippy fabric texture that holds knots firmly in place.

Our Baby Wrap Sling Facett Monochrom is of medium weight and made from 100% organic cotton, the fabrc is soft, yet tear-proof and durable. It offers optimal diagonal stretch and is supportive enough to be a safe and cuddly place for a new born and a tired toddler as well.


DIDYMOS Special Offers 06.01.2017


Find price deals for many additional articles!

For example 20% off on baby wrap model Van Parade Red.

Enjoy browsing through our offers.



Special offer for DidyTai Double Face Turquoise Tussah 05.01.2017

Wonderfully soft and supportive, the DidyTai Double Face Turquoise Tussah is our special this week. You will get it at 129 EUR (instead of 158 EUR).

Nominated in 2016 for the category “favourites” by the German parenting magazine Eltern and family platform Urbia, this beautiful, pre-structured babywearing carrier is made from a Double Face fabric blending cotton and Tussah silk. It can be worn with either the cotton or the Tussah silk face outwards.

The material blend has temperature regulating properties and so is ideal for use during warm and cooler days as well.

Cared for properly, Tussah silk is durable and resistant making this DidyTai a long-lasting, reliable carrier throughout many years of babywearing.

20% Discount on all Wraps with Wool 02.01.2017

winterbildIn Januar we offer 20% discount on all wraps with wool.

We wish you a wonderful winter month!


Find here our wraps with wool.

January 2017 02.01.2017

januarLet’s start January with this wonderful picture Rebecca sent us for our DIDYMOS wall calendar 2017.

Thank you for this heartwarming picture.

We wish you all a warm and cozy place.

A year in review and an eye on the future 31.12.2016

The DIDYMOS family wishes you and your loved ones a very happy and healthy new year!


2016 was a year of tremendous growth for us. It was a year of great learning, a year of change, and a year of retrospect. As we looked to the heritage and legacy we are so proud of, as a family and as a company, we also looked at where we are today – a leader in the babywearing community. Our founder, Erika Hoffmann, was honoured this year for her lifetime achievements, and we are so grateful to those in the community who nominated and voted for her. After the passing of our founder and mother, and with the recognition of her achievements, we came to understand that our actions today have a great impact not just on our neighbours and friends here in Europe, but around the world.


DIDYMOS products are used globally by caregivers who want to wear their children closely and to feel the ultimate bonding experience. To be able to best understand and improve our knowledge of the communities of people who enjoy babywearing as much as we do, we understand that we must seek guidance, input and advice from diverse groups from around the globe, including those marginalized within cultures. While we are still learning, we will work to be a meaningful and respectful partner to all communities and the people who identify with them.


2017 is a time for change and a time to celebrate. We at DIDYMOS plan to showcase our history, the amazing evolution of babywearing, the accomplishments of the entrepreneurs who have brought this community into the mainstream, and also pay tribute to our retailers, as we celebrate our 45th anniversary. The worldwide babywearing community is one of diverse cultures, amazing stories, and legacies that transcend DIDYMOS’ 45 years. We thank those that helped pave the way to show us how wearing one’s child close can be such an intimate bonding experience. During our 45th anniversary celebration, while telling our own story, we will honour the past while moving into the future.


Thank you for a transformative 2016. We hope you are looking forward to 2017 as much as we are, together, and holding all children close.

DIDYMOS New Year’s greeting 27.12.2016

For 2017 we wish you a bundle of joy! z-janet-malowany-2


This picture was given to us by Janet M who participated in our calendar pictures campaign.

This year we sent out only a very limited number of New Year’s Greetings cards as we were requested to donate the money instead.

This suggestion is greatly welcome and we are pleased to donate to the following organizations – in addition to our regular donations:

*Olgäle-Stiftung für das kranke Kind e.V.  (Sick Child Foundation, Olgäle)
*Ärzte ohne Grenzen e.V. – für medizinische Hilfe weltweit (Doctors without borders)
*Häuser der Hoffnung – School Education for Afrika e.V. – Mali
*Mexico-Hilfe e.V. in cooperation with FAE for the project Fundación para la Asistencia Educativa in Mexco Stadt, Calupulli
*Deutsche Kinderkrebsstiftung  (Children’s Cancer Foundation)