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DIDYMOS Baby Wrap Sling Ornament Cornflower 24.02.2017

ornament-nur facebookThe magnificent pattern and luminous colours – a combination which was very popular in the past and which we have reweaved in response to many requests .
Cornflower blue in combination with turquoise gives the ornaments an iridescent quality. Approximately 210 g/m², 100% Organic Cotton.

Baby Wrap Sling Ornament Cornflower

DIDYMOS Baby Wrap Sling Shamrock ´17 Hemp 20.02.2017

A foreboding of spring – our yearly comeback of the shamrock pattern. Our Baby Wrap Sling Shamrock ´17 Hemp is woven all in green and in a natural 50/50 hemp blend.

The fresh green colours beautifully combine in this hemp blend version of our shamrock model line. The trifold clover leaves are spread all accross the wrap.

A good medium weight (250g/m²), the fabric is supportive and has very good diagonal stretch.

DIDYMOS Baby Wrap Sling Magic Forest Crimson Hemp 15.02.2017

tta-795_stamm_2Our new Baby Wrap Sling Magic Forest Crimson Hemp is a phantastic 50/50 hemp blend fabric featuring the fabulous Magic Forest pattern.
The fabric combines cotton and hemp yarns using crimson cotton for the warp and natural white hemp for the weft.
It is a more heavy weight fabric (260g/m²), yet has the perfect diagonal stretch to be tied precisely into a comfortable carry for small babies and toddlers as well.

DIDYMOS Baby Wrap Sling Ada nature HS 13.02.2017

ada-natur-hsOne of our latest favourites, the Ada model has had best reviews regarding its wrapping qualities and its appealing and elaborately woven pattern.

For this natural Ada we complemented the organic cotton with no less organic hemp and perfected it with the right quantum of silk to make it shimmer in natural hues.
Jacquard woven and of good medium weight (250g/m²), this fabric blend is soft like the other Ada fabrics and a bit fluffy.

DIDYMOS Happy Valentine! 13.02.2017


A lovely DIDYMOS baby wrap sling as a Valentine‘s Day present is a must-have for all those who love babywearing– what bliss to wrap and be wrapped in hearts!

Free shipping for all orders on Valentine’s Day within Germany.

5€ discount on all orders from abroad on February 14th.

DIDYMOS Baby Wrap Sling Sparkle Tussah 10.02.2017

Sparkle_2_quadrThe frisky and lively pattern of our model Sparkle bubbles and twinkles and is full of the joy of living , just as lively children brimming over with life and full of ideas and curiosity are.

The wrap is the perfect all-rounder for little ones as well as heavier children. It has a surface weight of 220g/m².

Also available as DidySling Sparkle Tussah.

DIDYMOS Baby Wrap Sling Lisca Viola 07.02.2017

Re-release of Lisca Viola in a thicker version (260g/m²).

For this re-weave we blended the same warm hues of berry, cyclamen and scarlet red like before, a colour combination that subtly accentuates the fine structure of the DIDYMOS herringbone pattern and that makes the fabric shimmer in the daylight.
The nature of the Lisca weave creates a very soft fabric with perfect inherent stretch. The slightly grippy surface allows for perfect and precise tying of a large variety of carries.
Though a more heavy weight fabric, it is incredibly soft.


Also available as DidySling Lisca Viola.

DIDYMOS Baby Wrap Sling Ada Ocean Silk 02.02.2017

tti-983_stamm_2The Ada Ocean Silk model is made from a soft fabric blending cotton and tussah silk.
A shimmering fabric catching the light beautifully and accentuating the pattern by contrasting teal cotton and raw white silk.

The fabric is lightweight (200g/m²) and has good diagonal stretch.
The slightly grippy surface is helpful to tie supportive carries and to hold knots in place during many hours of babywearing. Newborn and older babies as well will love to feel the soft touch of this fabric.

Also available as DidySling Ada Ocean Silk.

DIDYMOS Baby Wrap Sling Mater Diei 31.01.2017


Manufactured upon request and to the design of an Italian babywearing group who had asked to weave this lovely pattern for them.

We are glad to have this beautiful heart by heart patterned wrap in our shop now and available to all heart lovers!

Woven entirely from 100% organic cotton, the fabric combines bright red and white cotton yarns and features the same pattern on both sides. The colours are inverted so that either the white or red hearts can be worn facing outwards once the wrap is tied.

Shoulder Bag with Rings Model Red Dots 27.01.2017

dht-750_stamm_3Made from the Didymos fabric Red Dots with Hemp, this great “over the shoulder” bag makes life on the go more comfortable.

It has ample storage space for all your important belongings, daily errands, baby’s essentials and toys – a convenient “carry all” for everybody. Lined with robust linen cloth and with inside storage pocket, the ergonomically designed bag has adjustable shoulder straps so that it can be carried very individually.