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DIDYMOS honoured with the Mommy Award 08.12.2016

mommy-awardThe DIDYMOS Baby Wrap has won this year’s MOMMY Award in the category Baby Carriers!
In the context of the MOMMY Awards 2016, had asked their users: “What baby carrier would you recommend to other mothers?”
Over 2.000 users participated in the survey this year and had selected their winner from a short list of 10 carriers.
We are very pleased to have received this distinction!

DIDYMOS Baby Wrap Sling Lisca Mocca 07.12.2016

lisca-moccaThe fine structure of the herringbone Lisca model is subtly accentuated by this harmonious combination of mocca brown, scarlet red and salmon pink cotton yarns.

The wrap is all made of organic cotton and you will like the softness and the inherent stretch of the fabric. Your newborn will snuggle in very comfortably. And, of medium weight, it is supportive enough for an older baby too. The nature of the DIDYMOS Lisca weave creates an especially soft, lightly textured and grippy fabric which holds knots firmly in place. A universal wrap that will accompany you reliably through your babywearing days.

DIDYMOS Baby Wrap Sling Ginkgo Linen 01.12.2016

DIDYMOS Baby Wrap Sling Gingko Linen

In this new linen fabric mocca cotton yarns and jade green linen artfully blend to create a charming Ginkgo leaves pattern spread across a subtly shimmering background. Woven on the Jacquard loom, the pattern is the same on both sides, the colour palette is reversed.

The fabric is a solid medium weight, supportive and durable. Woven with the inherent diagonal stretch that is typical for all Didymos wraps, it adapts to many carries and offers a safe and cuddly place for your newborn or older child as well.

DIDYMOS Baby Wrap Sling Bubbles 29.11.2016


All in organic cotton and featuring fancy bubbles in all shades of grey, the new bubbles model is manufactured on the Jacquard loom weaving anthracite cotton into a warp of heavy weight raw white cotton.

It is a medium weight fabric, not too thick but very supportive and with the typical inherent diagonal stretch of all Didymos wraps. It offers secure hold and adapts easily to many carries in front, on the hip and on the back – a reliable, comfortable and safe company throughout all your years of babywearing. Soon available as DidySling and DidyTai as well.

DIDYMOS Wall Calendar 2017 24.11.2016


The year is nearing its end and Christmas markets are opening everywhere. This is the time to make presents. Some of you may already know our DIDYMOS Wall Calendar 2017. It is composed of a selection of pictures sent to us for the calendar contest autumn 2016. We love this calendar that captures touching and wonderful moments of babywearing. And we love to share it with you.

If you place an order of at least 59 Euro you can add a free wall calendar to your shopping basket. Please note that the calendar is not included automatically but you have to add it actively.

You can purchase the DIDYMOS Wall Calendar 2017 also separately. The price amounts to 5 Euro per calendar (plus shipping fees). The offer is valid as long as stocks last.

DIDYMOS Love with Silk 23.11.2016

DIDYMOS Love Tussah Silk

Today we are releasing a very small number of the LOVE pattern with Tussah Silk on bright blue.

The DIDYMOS Love Tussah had been woven of 75% fine organic cotton and 25% Tussah Silk, all natural and with a wonderful natural feeling.

The weight for silk is higher than usual with approx. 220 g/m².

Don’t we all deserve a little bit of Love?


DIDYMOS Salt & Red Pepper 21.11.2016

DIDYMOS Salt & Red PepperA weave and design that up to now we have manufactured in a wool blend version only. Replacing the wool by bright red hemp, we were able to create a thick and heavy weight fabric which due to the weave and colours is called DIDYMOS Salt & Red Pepper.  A bit stiff in the beginning, it softens with the first washes and use and provides lots of support and comfortable hold also for heavier toddlers. Tying this special wrap needs a little practice at first but it is worth while.


Available as baby wrap and DidySling.

Baby Wrap Sling Sycamore Alley November 17.11.2016

tta-774_stamm_1Bare branches silhouetted against an expressionist sky, woven in scarlet, gold, violet and brown, the November release of our Sycamore Alley pattern will cheer up even the greyest winter day.


The Jacquard woven fabric is made from 100% organic cotton and of  medium to heavy weight. A solid wrap, yet soft and with perfect diagonal stretch, the wrap adapts to many carries and offers a secure and comfortable place for your newborn and older child as well.

Baby Wrap Sling Leaves Crimson 15.11.2016

tta-775_stamm_1Anthracite and crimson red are the contrasting colours that go together beautifully in this new DIDYMOS Leaves pattern.

Featuring an opulent floral design, realized by weaving crimson red yarns into an anthracite warp, this Jacquard woven fabric is made entirely from pure organic cotton. It is a solid medium weight, supportive and durable.

Woven with the inherent diagonal stretch that is typical for all Didymos wraps, the fabric adapts to many carries and is comfortable to use and wear. It offers a safe and cuddly place for your newborn or older child as well.

Available as DidySling as well.

DIDYMOS Facett Tethys and Roxana 11.11.2016

DIDYMOS Facett Tethys RoxanaOur Facett model has had positive feedback right from its first release and today we are pleased to present two new beautiful colour gradients of this appealing diamond patterned design.

One is DIDYMOS Facett Roxana featuring a gradient of shades of red turning into orange and purple, the other one is DIDYMOS Facett Tethys showing a gradient of cooler blues and greens.

The nature of the Facett weave adds depth to the surface creating a slightly grippy fabric texture that holds knots firmly in place. Both models are made from 100% organic cotton and both are medium weight, soft and suitable for many carries and situations.

They always offer a secure and comfortable place for a newborn and toddler as well.
Both models are available as Baby Wrap Slings and DidySlings. DidyTais will follow soon.