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For Trade Professionals and Consultants

Special Offers for Trade Professionals and Consultants

Special conditions apply to midwives, doctors, nurses, course and group leaders, physiotherapists…


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You need information material? Please fill in the following form: Request for information material
Alternatively, you can order the required literature dirctly in our webshop The following page will give you an overview of the literature which is available: Overview information material

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Training Courses for Professionals

We offer babywearing consultant training courses at our head office in Ludwigsburg.
So far all our courses are held in German only, we are sorry.


For Consultants

Do you need baby wraps for your consultancy? Your classes and courses? We offer favourable prices and conditions for the purchase of demonstration wraps and carriers. Our offer refers to all our models made entirely from cotton.

Please contact us.

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Wraps for Premature Infants and Babies with Special Needs

For babies weighing less that 2500 g, a normal baby wrap is too wide. However, these little ones benefit greatly from the warm, soothing physical contact that comes with a baby wrap. Therefore, we offer narrow wraps that can be used with babies as small as 1500 g for stimulation therapy and the kangaroo method.  More information


Kangaroo Care Wraps for Clinics

In collaboration with the neonatal department at the Olgahospital in Stuttgart, we have designed kangaroo care wraps especially for the requirements of a neonatal ward.
More information.


Birthing Ropes

For many years now, DIDYMOS baby wraps have been used as birthing ropes. This is due to their great properties – they are soft on the skin, elastic, firm to the touch and, above all, extremely resiliant. We tested this last point for at the Materials Testing Institute in Stuttgart to be on the safe side. The other points are typical of DIDYMOS fabrics.
We will be happy to produce birthing ropes according to your requirements.


Custom made Products

Is the ceiling of your delivery room 5 metres high? Would you like to install hammocks in your incubators? We can manufacture anything you can make from fabric within one to two weeks.