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Parents' opinions

First of all a big thank you to all our customers for the lovely pictures and letters that we are receiving regularly. We have chosen a few special ones to put on this website.
To avoid misunderstandings: We don’t want you to see any photographs as an invitation to cycle with your baby, to climb about on cliffs or to move heavy agricultural implements. You as parents have to decide what is okay for you and your child. In any case, these pictures show you how the sling can broaden the possibilities for parent and child activities.

All the parents cited on these pages have given their full consent. Nevertheless we have changed all names and we point out that any further publication will need the written consent of the author in question. This also applies to any photographs.


Hi to all at Didymos!

We wish to thank you for your incredible product that has helped our family in so many ways. Being an at home Mama of 10 who homeschools, I can’t even imagine how I’d get through a day without a trusty wrap! My only sorrow is that I didn’t know about them with our first child and am doing my best to encourage new families to try them. My oldest daughter owns a beloved Cloud child sized wrap and it is my dream to own one I could carry her new baby sister in. Do you know if you might have any Cloud wraps available? I would be estatic with any size and am so grateful for your attention. Thank you in advance and we will all be holding our fingers for news. I would like to send you a picture of our thanful family if you don’t mind : )

Best and blessings, Rachel


Dear Beatrice!

Thank you for your mail. I will be more than happy to let your use the picture I sent you. I am glad that you liked it, because it also means much to me. The feeling I got as a mother, when my daughter slept on me in the wrap, was so blissful and now that she is older and that it doesn’t happen so often, I look back at these moments, and cherish them as much, as the feelings I had, when I was pregnant and felt her quicking or when I got her in my arms for the first time. So if there is one, who has to thank it is me,and I will be very glad if, it helps other parents decide to use wraps!

Kindest regards, Ingrid


Dear Didymos team,

I was just over in Ireland last weekend with my family and my Red Waves wrap turned out to be a life saver! My 5 month old daughter was not sleeping well in her travel cot and was waking up every hour at night. I remember having seen the wrap used as a hammock, so I tried it out, and it was wonderful!!! I was able to get enough sleep and enjoy my holiday – here is a photo of her sleeping VERY soundly!

Thank you for everything! Diane W.


Here is my oldest with my youngest. He’s a pretty good kid! Any teen aged boy who will carry his baby sister is alright!

Take care, Tammi
I’ve attached a photo of my little girl, Poppy, in her sling. She had just woken up from a lovely nap in there. Poppy absolutely adores being in her sling close to me. In the very start, she would be sound asleep within about three steps of me walking with her. Many times while out and about if she’s been in her pram and has become a little irritable, a huge smile lights up her face and she is instantly calm as soon as she sees me put on the sling! If she could jump into it herself she would! On the odd occasion that she has had real trouble getting to sleep at night, a short walk wrapped up tightly always ensures a peaceful night. And sometimes if she is cross in the car on the way somewhere, just throwing the sling over her legs for her to play with and suck on calms her.
I managed to carry Poppy in the Wrap-Cross-Carry until she weighed over 9kg, and now I have to start practising this tie on my back. She’s nine months old now so we’ll need some help with that until she can understand the “hold on” instruction!
I am convinced that carrying Poppy in her Didy has helped her develop into a confident little baby who knows I am always close and will always wrap and comfort her whenever she needs it. Absolutely the best “baby money” I spent in the lead up to her birth!!!

With sunny greetings from Australia – Vicki
Thank you so very much again ! I guess that when I actually try it I will be more ‘expert’ at it (exactly like the other positions..the first time is never so comfortable, but then you become quickly ‘expert’ at finding the best ways to do this).

All the best to you too !!! Amarilli


Hello Didymos,

I`m a mother of three children. Unfortunately I had no sling for my first and second little ones.When my third baby was born I faced unexpected difficulties with breastfeeding. She was a peaceful baby who hardly ever cried and liked sleeping for long hours,but she didn`t feed very well. I called a breastfeeding helpline and I was adviced to carry her in a sling instead of just leaving her sleeping in her bed.I liked the idea and immediately ordered a baby sling. At first she didn`t like it and wanted to get out ( no matter how I tied it ), but I kept trying. After a while she got used to it, and liked being carried in the sling. Not only her feeding`s got better, but it`s also become a special part of our life. It feels much better to carry my baby then to push her around in a buggy!

A happy mother



Dear Didymos-team,

I finally have a moment, spontaneously decided and planned a long time ago, to drop you a few lines and send you a few pictures for your archive or for further use. Thanks to the baby-sling we have made a totally new, unknown and wonderful experience with our youngest son Raphael. Intensive body and emotional contact, through which we could read his feelings before he even showed them, makes us feel grateful and happy. If we could turn back the time we would like to carry our big sons, Alexander (14y) and Nicolai (10y), as well! Unfortunately, we didn’t know about the baby-sling in those days. We got information for, and expert knowledge and understanding about the carrying of our little one from your small blue brochure, sent to us by request. And also from the books “Ein Baby will getragen sein” and “The Continuum Concept”. There is so much we have experienced that it would be too much to write about. But don’t worry, that’s not gonna happen. We simply would like to write a few lines and send you a few pictures which show periods of Raphael’s and our “baby-sling life” – as a thank you, for enjoyment, as information, to pass on and encourage many more parents; to try out and use this important, incomparable experience through carrying your own child – with success guaranteed!!

With lots of love, the Strobels from Hunsrück


hello didymos

a friend of mine gave me her didymos to use with my newborn and all i can say is Hallelulyiaa!!!! of all the carriers i tried,( the sling and two different kinds of baby bjorn, )the didymos is FAR more comfortable for both me and my son. i can carry him all day long, he is 6 mo. now…he loooves it. thank you for making such a high quality, and beautiful, product. i am wondering if it is possible to receive a booklet with tying instructions for all of the positions (especially interested in the 2 back carrying postions) can you mail me one? i am happy to pay for it…or is there somewhere in the U.S. (i am in new york) where i can get it.?

thanks so much meagan



Bild22_250Dear Didymos Team,

As enthusiastic baby-sling users we were looking for a solution how to carry our daughter (13 months old) in colder weather on our back underneath the coat. I have cut open a Fleece jacket and sown in two red Fleece folds. The collar had to be adjusted, too, so that it would still fit and now I can tighten the collar when Mia is sleeping. In this way Mia has really enjoyed our hike yesterday: see for yourselves!

Greetings from Rosenheim, Gabi, Max and Mia





Dear Daniela,

Thank you very much. We already used it. It’s a great success. The baby is happy and a lot of people in the street ask us what it is, how it works, etc. It is very funny! Perhaps you will have to send other slings to Lyon…

Warmest regards, Emmanuelle


Dear Didymos-team,

eBild24_250nclosed we are sending our favourite picture of our daughter Laura Violetta in her much-loved baby-sling. – There is no other place where she slumbers as happily and peacefully like an angel.

The grateful parents Lilly and Rene D.


Dear Didymos-Team,

our little Una is now almost four months old and was carried in the baby-sling (in the Wrap-Cross-Carry) all the time from four days of age. The feeling of closeness when carrying her in the sling is simply wonderful! But meanwhile my daughter has become too heavy for me to carry her in front of my belly. I almost feared that the carrying-time had come to an end. But with the help of a second person I have started to strap her with the Wrap-Cross-Carry onto my back. My back is grateful for that and I continue with Una happily up hill and down dale, through the woods and out into nature! I have attached one picture so that you can see how well it is working with a 4- months-old.

With regards, Agnes H.



Bild25_250Dear Mrs Hoffmann,

Many thanks for your quick and competent reply, as well as your offer to call you. I am myself a mother of 5 carried children, my oldest Didymos-sling is 11 years old (in those days the wonderful Cross-Carry and Wrap-Cross-Carry didn’t exist, yet), but even though kids from friends have been carried in it, too, it still looks as good as new. Now I own 3 Didymos-slings of different lengths. Since the birth of our 3. child Matthias we don’t possess a pram anymore because he was screaming whenever we laid him down in it. Our 4. child Johannes was a baby “with special needs”, daily carrying-time aprox. 12 hours, and our 5. child Hannah (9 months) was carried all day during the first 4 months, with breast-feeding and nappy-changing breaks. (I couldn’t have managed the household otherwise) I pass on my experiences of tying the sling in the breast-feeding group, and other mothers often come with their sling directly to my house because they don’t want to wait until the next meeting.

Many thanks again, Susanne Sch.