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Hemp and Linen

The yarns used for our regular product range are manufactured exclusively for DIDYMOS. Sometimes we happen to find on the market suitable yarns which, naturally, are available in limited quantities only. Once sold out, most of the limited editions will not be released again.


hemp fibre




Linen for summer

With its temperature and moisture regulating caracteristics, linen is perfect to wear during hot weather. Classical summer dresses or tropical suits are typically made from linen or linen blends.

Baby slings and wraps made from cotton/linen blend are easy to care: they can be washed at 60°C but have to be spinned on gentle cycle. Use liquid detergent only as washing powder may affect the linen fibre. The reason for this lies in the structure of the fiber itself.


Structure and Irregularities

For our linen/cotton blends we exclusively use top quality linen. A natural fibre, linen threads may show irregularities in thickness which give a vivid structure to the yarn respectively to the fabric. When linen is processed, these irregularities will be visible in the fabric and in the pattern (stripes, bright-dark effects, thicknesses and differences in repeat patterns).

Such natural and typical structures are characteristic for cotton-linen blend DIDYMOS baby slings and do by no means affect the wearing comfort or the durability of the warps and slings.



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