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How much weight can a DIDYMOS wrap bear?



DIDYMOS baby wraps are often used as swings or hammocks.

This raises the question of how much weight a wrap can actually hold. Could an adult have a rest in a wrap hammock? What happens if older children were to throw themselves into a wrap swing?







Test Set-up

To clear up these questions once and for all, we took our wraps to be tested at the Institute of Textile Technology and Process Engineering in Denkendorf, Germany until they ripped.
The wraps ripped at strengths between 3150 and 6300 Newtons. This is the equivalent of approx. 310 and 630 kg (approx. 48 and 99 stone). These large variations are mainly due to the different ways of securing the wrap (nooses, knots or clips), and partly due to the various types of weave (stripes, Prima or diamond pattern).















The diagram above shows the progression of one of many tests. At 3300 N (approx. 330 kg/52 stone) the fabric strains. Or is the knot simply pulling itself tight? At 4100 N it’s over. The wrap rips considerably and the rest can only withstand another 2500 N (approx.) until it rips completely.

To sum up we can say that a new DIDYMOS wrap will hold up to 300 kg (47 stone).

The diagram also shows that the wrap stretches by around 100 percent before it rips. This means that a hammock will brush the floor long before the fabric rips.










The following limitations must be considered:

  • If weight is distributed unevenly, damage may occur with less weight on the wrap. For example, edges are exposed to more wear when climbing in and out of a hammock.
  • When used as a swing, the wrap can rub on immoveable attachments and wear out. It’s best to attach a ring or a loop of rope between the wrap and the fastening point.
  • Abrasive detergents and their residues (lime soap) can damage the structure of the fabric; this means that the strength of older wraps can be much lower.