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Details regarding the Didymos fabric types

Scale 1:1

Scale Ratio 1:1


The ruler, placed on the fabric samples, provides a realistic impression of the fabric texture.

The samples feature the following patterns (from left to right): Lisca, Jacquard, Stripes, Prima and Jersey






Middle Marker

Middle Marker


Each Didymos Baby Wrap is provided with a middle marker “Mein Mittel-Punkt”
This label is helpful during tying and makes sure both tail ends have the same length after tying.





The Shape


DIDYMOS slings have the shape of a parallelogram, with tapered ends. This gives you some extra wrap length to tie the knot with and it looks better.








Why, at the end of the 1970s, Erika Hoffmann decided to re-design the shape of the DIDYMOS baby wraps and have the ends tapered instead of leaving them rectangular and how, in this way she set a benchmark for baby wraps which has become a general standard ?


Here comes the explanation: Daughter of a professional seamstress, Erika Hoffman had learned the traditional trick that tailors use to make curtains hang nice and straight. And she realized that tapered ends leave enough fabric for the knot if the wrap length is a bit short. The tapered ends are ideal to do a firm and solid knot!

Why did she not stick to the fringes which she had used till that time?

Erika Hoffmann had tried different types of fringes. The first ones were sewn to the woven and cut wraps, others were woven into the fabric. Sewing fringes to the wrap ends went out of fashion, weaving the fringes meant that different wrap lengths had to be taken into consideration already during the weaving process. Manufacturing the wrap cloth without fringes made the production more flexible and easier to be adapted to customer wishes.

New ways of tying and using the wrap were developed and these new back and front carries needed more fabric length! (Erika Hoffmann once had used short wraps of sizes 1 and 2 to carry her twins on the back)

Then, more and more fathers slowly became aware of the advantages of the baby wrap and wanted to use it as well and, they needed more length!  The parallelogram shape with its tapered ends allowed for making the DIDYMOS-baby wrap longer while the edges kept the same length.