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Bamboo - Natural Fibre


Natural bamboo fibre obtained from the bamboo plant through alternative processes
Years of research made it possible to develop new and eco-friendly processes for bamboo fibre recovery.  The natural bamboo fibres obtained through such green processes are spun into bamboo yarn combined with other fibres such as linen, wool, etc.









This new kind of bamboo yarn must NOT be confused with the bamboo viscose fibre! The viscose fibre is what you most see in the market and it is regenerated fibres that were produced using the viscose process which can be environmentally damaging if the producers do not treat their waste (air and water).

More information regarding bamboo fibre production see here.








Bambus_BearbeitungsstufenThe new techniques allow to obtain natural bamboo bundles from the bamboo culm without chemical treatment. Bamboo is made into fibre through a controlled retting process using specified microbial communities.

A paper on bamboo fibre production through retting processes see here.







Bambus_Fasern im polarisierten LichtRecovery of natural bamboo fibres through controlled retting process was developed a
group of Chinese scientists directed by Jiajia Fu and was patented in 2011.

A Swiss spinning company developped production techniques to combine the the raw

natural bamboo fibre with other fibres such as cotton, Merino wool or silk and to spin it into a fine bamboo yarn blends with a bamboo part of up to 70 percent.