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Organic Cotton



Cotton is a robust plant fibre. It is very comfortable to wear next to the skin in hot weather because of its breathability and high absorbency. Cotton is not very elastic by nature – our baby wrap slings have the right combination of movement and stability because of our special weaving techniques.

Versatile and Fair

Cotton is easy to clean and withstands higher washing temperatures without any problems compared to other fibres. This makes it very versatile: in addition to clothing, cotton can be used as bedding, tablecloths, chair covers and, of course, as a baby wrap sling. Cotton grows not only in white, but also in a delicate brown and a pastel-green. This colour variation allows us to weave patterns without having to even dye the cotton at all.

The cotton for the Didymos Baby Wrap Slings is grown organically.

Among other things this guarantees fair prices for farmers, production with low water and power consumption, and production in facilities that maintain high social standards.


Washing and Care

Dyed cotton can be washed hygienically clean at 60 °C and also withstands the spin cycle. If air drying isn’t possible, cotton can be dried in the tumble dryer but it will shrink a bit in the first wash. Cotton textiles can be ironed at level 3.