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Sustainable Raw Materials



Our high quality standards and keen attention to detail starts at the beginning: sourcing sustainable raw materials. Cotton, the basic fabric for almost all of our slings, is grown and harvested without the use of synthetic fertilisers or pesticides. We obtain our particularly warming  sheep’s wool from organically certified sheep – that is, animals who haven’t been mistreated in any way, whether by mulesing or similar processes.

“For our slings, we only use selected yarns from certified manufacturers that have undergone a demonstrably fair and stringently controlled production process,” stresses DIDYMOS Managing Director Tina Hoffmann. Accordingly, yarns from durable, natural fibres such as linen and hemp are used on the looms alongside robust, soft ones such as cotton and wool. Mixed yarns made of organically certified cotton and cashmere, silk or tussah silk are woven to produce finer fabrics.