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Dyeing, Weaving and Design



How the yarn is dyed

Our DIDYMOS color spectrum ranges from subtle to vivid to suit all tastes and styles. Our dye house employs the latest environmentally friendly technology to ensure that the color of your sling doesn’t wash out or fade over time. Even before weaving, the yarn is given a thorough color dip to ensurethe fibers to absorb the dyes, none of which contain any heavy metals. A true DIDYMOS quality feature is that our dyes are exceptionally saliva-proof and friction-resistant.


From yarn to fabric

The dye house produces some 120 yarns in around 80 different colors. These are then painstakingly woven into the desired fabric patterns in our weaving mill. We also ensure that weaving additives such as sizing agents or lubricants are not used at all. This means our slings are particularly kind to the skin of children and adults alike.


And it needs to look good, too

Our ideas are as diverse as our yarns. Tina Hoffmann, Managing Director of DIDYMOS: “It’s important to us to offer parents a range of different designs. As such, we regularly come up with new patterns, themes, and color combinations.” Therefore, we produce many slings in unique styles in addition to our traditional and timeless options. “It’s precisely this wide range of options that our customers love,” says Tina Hoffmann.


We invite you to join us on a tour of the weaving mill to show you how a DIDYMOS wrap is made and what makes it so special.