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Information Materials for Professionals



Whether you’re a midwife, doctor, nurse, occupational therapist or physiotherapist, there are many ways you can use our slings, which we offer at preferential rates.


Order Information Materials

Whether brochures, tying instructions, specialist literature, or posters for classrooms and practice rooms, you can find it all here in our range of free DIDYMOS information materials.
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Together, we can play a vital role in the lives of parents-to-be. With this in mind, we’ve developed a range of ideas for your care and instructional work with the DIDYMOS wrap sling and all other DIDYMOS baby carriers.


Our demonstration slings

We offer you one of our DIDYMOS wrap slings, a DidySling and a Didy Meh-Dai (DidyTai) made from organically certified wool at a discounted rate for you to use for demonstration purposes as part of your instructional and training work. You can order our baby carriers individually or as sets. We also offer particularly narrow slings for use in stimulation treatment and kangaroo care with babies weighing between 1,500 and 2,500 grams.


Slings for newborns

Tiny newborns are particularly in need of the warmth and calming effect of bodily contact. Consequently, the cosy DIDYMOS jersey sling provides a secure hold for tender babies and those with high muscle tone.


Our DIDYMOS kangaroo sling

We’ve worked with experts to develop our special DIDYMOS kangaroo sling  for use in kangaroo care in neonatal units and for bonding following a caesarean section.


Birthing ropes

Soft and extremely durable: these properties make DIDYMOS slings suitable for use as holding ropes by women giving birth. We’re happy to adapt them to suit different rooms.


Cradle bag

Made from beautiful DIDYMOS fabric, our cradle bag for newborns is particularly popular among midwives. Extremely robust and easy to wash, its handles are narrower in the middle meaning they fit perfectly on a baby hammock.


Custom-made items

Anything is possible! Give us one to two weeks and we can make you extra-long birthing ropes for older building ceilings, hammocks for incubators and anything else you may want for newborns.

Are you interested in one of our products? Then please don’t hesitate to contact us.