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Wrap Cross Carry

Wrap Cross Carry


More complex and requiring more length than the DIDYMOS Cross Carry, the Wrap Cross Carry provides still more support to your child as it has a third layer of fabric which is placed horizontally across the baby’s back. This band of fabric can be spread over baby’s back up to the ears to provide full support of the head. We can recommend this carry already for newborn. When you carry an older child, the weight will be distributed evenly over your shoulders and hips. This will allow you to adopt an upright and ergonomic posture and helps you to avoid back problems.
During warm and hot weather do not spread the diagonal bands of the wrap in order to avoid overheating (image on the right).



Position: upright in front of you
Age: from birth on
Wrap Length: size 6 or longer


Tying Instructions can be downloaded as PDF.


Available also in Arabic language