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Cradle Carry


Carrying your baby in the Cradle Carry is a great way to rock her/him to sleep while you keep your hands free for other things. When the baby is asleep you can gently place him/her down in the sling without waking him/her up.

When you tie this carry, always make sure that there is no fabric covering your child’s face. Hold your child in a nursing position, as upright as possible.

The cradle carry is not suited to carry babies suffering from hip dysplasia. In this case you better choose a position which allows the child to adopt the Frog-Leg-Position which means that the legs are spread and the knees are up (for example the Wrap Cross Carry)



Position: lying in front of the chest
Age: from birth on
Wrap Length: size 2 and longer


Tying Instructions can be downloaded as PDF.