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One DIDYMOS Baby Wrap – Many possibilities of carrying

Front Positions – Upright

Wrap Cross Carry











Side Positions












Back Positions













Facing outwards

Facing outwards

Some children like to be carried facing outwards, a position which can be realized with our baby wrap as well. We do not recommend this position, however – neither in a wrap sling nor in any other carrying device. A few reasons why we recommend against this way of carrying: When facing outwards, the wrap can only hold the baby by the bum, which means the legs dangle down uncomfortably and the child cannot adopt the natural Frog leg position . Forward facing, the baby’s back is not supported in a semi-rounded position but forced into a hollowed-back position. The child cannot make eye contact with his or her parent to evaluate if a situation is “dangerous”. And, the child cannot shut off outside over-stimulations, even when she or he gets tired.


comment by Dr. Evelin Kirkilionis.