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Frequently asked questions

From what age can I carry my baby in a DIDYMOS sling?

You can use the sling from birth. In the first few weeks you carry your baby lying in the sling in the “cradle” or “wrap cross carry” fashion.


When can I change to the other methods of carrying?

There is no exact point in time for this; all small children develop at different rates. But you as mothers and fathers know when your own child does not like the “cradle” position any more. Then start using the “wrap cross carry”, the “cross carry” or the “hip carry” and at the beginning support the head of the baby by pulling up the fabric of the sling.


For how long can I carry my baby in the sling?

Start slowly and take note how your baby feels. You will soon be aware how content your child is when you carry it. Use the sling whenever it helps you. Trust your own judgement and do whatever you feel is right and do not let others confuse you. When your child gradually learns to explore the world on its own two feet, the DIDYMOS sling will still be useful for a long time as the “pram in the bag “, when the need arises. The “rucksack carry ” is the best method for carrying bigger children.


How do I learn to use the baby sling?

First of all try not to be impatient; after a short time you will manage the sling naturally. With only a few deft movements you will transform the specially woven cloth into a made to measure carrying aid which will always be the right size for you and your baby- it more or less grows with you. Each DIDYMOS sling comes with detailed carrying instructions, demonstrating with both pictures and text step by step the different carrying methods. These instructions contain 30-years of experience and our close co-operation with midwives, paediatricians and parents. If apart from this you would like a demonstration of the “art of knotting ” the DIDYMOS sling we are happy to give you the address of a contact near you.


What size should I take?

When choosing the length of the sling always be guided by the size of the largest person who will carry the baby. It does not matter if the cloth is longer than necessary for other people; they can just knot the superfluous lengths once more in another place (further details regarding sizes).


Can I also use the baby sling in winter?

Yes, because the close body contact warms your child and you also are more aware when you child might become cold. When temperatures drop below freezing, use a carrying method that allows you to carry your baby under your coat. These are various methods when the child is carried in front of your stomach. If you want extra warmth, choose the DIDYMOS sling made from cotton/wool.


Would you like to find out more?

In 1972 we were the pioneers of baby carrying slings in Europe; in almost 30 years we have gathered so much knowledge and experience that we are very happy to answer any questions you might have regarding carrying. Please phone us.

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